The Directioner Games

18 year old Yasmine and Serena were best friends. These girls were just like any other girl on planet Direction. They were both madly in love with One direction. Every girl between the ages of 13 and 21 were recognized as "Directioners." Every year on each one of the 5 boys birthdays 2 girls were chosen as "tribute's" to join the deadly massacre of The Directioner Games. Out of all 13 districts only 2 out of the 26 girls would make it out alive. The two girls would then have a day to impress one of the boys or shame would be brought upon their districts. Yasmine and Serena had never been chosen before but, would that all change on the day of the recruiting?


6. The Spark Girls

Reapers POV-

I told the girls about what we will be doing and what exactly the objective is and who will be training them. Mitch their trainer came in drunk as usual. He sat down and started to get his breakfast right when the chefs walked in carrying multiple trays. The girls walked in still with red puffy eyes after crying for 2 hours. I sat them down then that's when Mitch took over his part.

Mitch's POV-

"So girls i'm mitch and im going to be your mentor throughout these 3 months." I said as cheerfully as I could. The girls still kept their heads down and ate quietly. " So once we get to the capitol we will be taking you to the showing where we will have you perfected and you two will be shown off on live stream to all the other districts." I said stuffing my mouth with eggs.

Serena's POV-

I guess we had arrived at the capitol cause there were tons of people waiting and cheering and clapping and whistling. Yasmine came into my room with her suite case and let out a sigh. "well we're here and I guess we're going to the show off thingy so lets get a move on. We walked out and I saw Yasmine quickly run off some where. I followed her and saw her hugging a random girl.

Yasmine's POV-

"OMG Manny you got pulled into this game too?" I said hugging my cousin Manny who was from District 2. " Here come meet my partner for these games, This is Abira (GypsyPirate) She is very shy but once you get to know her your in for a hell of a ride." he said with laughter. She was tall skinny and had brown hair with blue eyes also had pale skin. She was so pretty, but I knew she wouldn't last long in the game. The reaper came back with mitch to take us to get ready. We finally came across a b rightly lighted hallway and we soon stopped at a door. Mitch opened the door and a man came out and said "mmmmm girls we have tons of work to do if you wanna get SPONSORED!" He pulled us in and started to do random things to our faces.

Serena's POV-

He pulled us in and started to work rather quickly with our flaws. He waxed our eyebrows, Waxed our legs, Cleaned our teeth, Worked on making our face smooth. He finally finished us up and we wore, . We came out and he led us to what seemed to be chariots. All the other girls seemed to be wearing plain dresses but we stood out which I guess was a good thing. "Ok girls all you have to do is wave, smile, and be fierce, don't let any of them other girls intimidate you!" He said putting all his trust in us.

Yasmine's POV-

When he was done instructing us the curtains flung open and when I looked back all the instructors and reapers and trainers were gone. It was just all of us girls on chariots waving and hoping to make a good impression. The chariots started to move and before you know it all the chariots were in order from districts. Of course since I was from district 12 I was last with Serena. I remembered what the guy told me when he was waxing my brows, He said to make things interesting and to not just wave and smile but to stand out. I looked around the dress and found a button I looked on Serena's dress and it also had a button. "Serena look down on your dress and you will see a button when I say 3 you press it then grab my hand understood?" I said trying to keep a smile on my face. I looked to her and she nodded. " 1.....2....3!" I whispered. We pressed the buttons then I felt her grab my hand, suddenly our dresses SHINED BRIGHT LIKE A DIAMOND! I grabbed our hands then held them up high to show pride. We sure did stand out we went from a plain red glittery dress to a bright shining dress. We looked around and saw everybody clapping for us then right when we came to a stop in front of a giant T.V our dresses turned off. "Hello and welcome to the Directioner Games show off!" a voice called out. Suddenly District 1's face appeared on screen. "Ashley from district 1, Shannon district 1, Abira district 2,Manny District 2, Makenna District 3, Maddison District 3, Claire District 4, Claudia District 5, Emma District 5, Isabella District 6, Samantha District 6, Hailey District 7, Natalie District 7, Sarah District 8, Jenessa  District 8, Kaitlyn District 9, Nicole District 9, Arianna District 10, Victoria District 10, Jade District 11, Trina District 11, And finally the spark girls!, Serena District 12, and Yasmine District 12.




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