The Directioner Games

18 year old Yasmine and Serena were best friends. These girls were just like any other girl on planet Direction. They were both madly in love with One direction. Every girl between the ages of 13 and 21 were recognized as "Directioners." Every year on each one of the 5 boys birthdays 2 girls were chosen as "tribute's" to join the deadly massacre of The Directioner Games. Out of all 13 districts only 2 out of the 26 girls would make it out alive. The two girls would then have a day to impress one of the boys or shame would be brought upon their districts. Yasmine and Serena had never been chosen before but, would that all change on the day of the recruiting?


5. Leaving home

Yasmine's POV-

The crowd got silent and there was a shocked face on everybody's face. " Ahhhh so I see that your sister has come to save you." the reaper said and threw renesmay off the stage. She ran to me with tears in her eyes as she reached me I held her tightly and Tyler came running up to me. We all huddled and sobbed because I now had to enter the deadly Directioner Games. " Yasmine Revlondia come up to the stage please darling because you are the first ever VOLUNTER!" I heard the reaper say. " Tyler you take care of Renesmay and Primrose don't let anything happen to them, I will be back for you I wont leave you guys." I said in tears. I ran up to the stage and was told to stand in the far left. "Alright then lets get on with the choosing. *Puts hand in to the jar and picks up a paper. "Serena Amaro, you have been chosen for the Directioner Games!" The reaper said. Serena was quickly brought up to the stage and I could tell Roger wasn't too happy. I saw Serena tear up and I went to her side to comfort her. I looked over to the crowd where I saw Tyler and Roger next to my mom, Tyler was holding Renesmay and Roger was holding Primrose. We waved one last final wave to our family's and boyfriends then we were off and drifted into the Directioner train.

Reaper's POV-

I could tell the girls were in deep pain. I went over to them and finally explained to them the whole thing.

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