The Directioner Games

18 year old Yasmine and Serena were best friends. These girls were just like any other girl on planet Direction. They were both madly in love with One direction. Every girl between the ages of 13 and 21 were recognized as "Directioners." Every year on each one of the 5 boys birthdays 2 girls were chosen as "tribute's" to join the deadly massacre of The Directioner Games. Out of all 13 districts only 2 out of the 26 girls would make it out alive. The two girls would then have a day to impress one of the boys or shame would be brought upon their districts. Yasmine and Serena had never been chosen before but, would that all change on the day of the recruiting?


2. Into The Forrest

Serena's POV

"I cant wait till we get deep into the forest banks." I said excited. "Me either but we have to move quickly so we can't be spotted by any of the Death Flyers." Yasmine said in a panic. (Death Flyers are birds that bring instant death) We walked for what seemed like ages but, when we finally hit the forest banks Yasmine stopped and knelt down on the the ground. "Someone is here, over there in the bushes." She said in a low whisper. She grabbed an arrow and aimed it up high then brought it down to about top right of the bush and shot the arrow.

Yasmine's POV

I shot the arrow about top right of the bush knowing that there I would hit the person in the shoulder and wouldn't injure them much. Right when I let got of the arrow I heard a scream from what sounded like a boys voice. It was so familiar, I swear I had heard that sweet innocent voice before. I ran across the bank only to find that I had hit my crush Tyler in the shoulder. I felt so bad, I quickly held him down and told Serena to hold his mouth shut. What I was about to do would cause him serious pain and if he screamed the Death Flyers were sure to find us.

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