The Directioner Games

18 year old Yasmine and Serena were best friends. These girls were just like any other girl on planet Direction. They were both madly in love with One direction. Every girl between the ages of 13 and 21 were recognized as "Directioners." Every year on each one of the 5 boys birthdays 2 girls were chosen as "tribute's" to join the deadly massacre of The Directioner Games. Out of all 13 districts only 2 out of the 26 girls would make it out alive. The two girls would then have a day to impress one of the boys or shame would be brought upon their districts. Yasmine and Serena had never been chosen before but, would that all change on the day of the recruiting?



It was the morning of the reaping so my mother laid out a nice dress with pink flowers on it. I let my little sister's primrose and Renesme borrow my old dresses I had wore to previous reaping's. I combed my hair and helped my sisters with their braids. I quickly called Serena and told her to meet me by my house so we could walk together. As soon as she arrived the men in blue and white suits arrived to take us to the reaping's. I held my sisters hands afraid that they would be picked. They had no chance against any of the other districts. I wasn't about to let my sisters die young.

Serena's POV-

I was so scared I didn't want to be chosen, I knew if I was chosen even though I had great skills I wouldn't last too long in the game. The only way I could of probably had a chance was if Yasmine had been chosen but the odds of that happening was 2 out of 100.

Yasmine POV-

We had just arrived at the reaping when I had spotted Tyler and Roger over in the crowd. After my finger had been pricked and my blood smeared onto paper, I ran over to Tyler and give him one last hug just in case I would be chosen. I told him if I was chosen he would have to take good care of my mum and Primrose and Renesmay. I quickly pecked him on the lips before I had been escorted to my spot with my sisters and Serena.

Reapers POV-

Hello and welcome to the thirteenth annual year of The Directioner Games Reaping! I am your host and as you all know we will be picking two girls from each district and now today we will be choosing two wonderful lady's to represent this district. *reaches hand into jar grabs a paper sets it back and charges at another paper* Renesmay revlondia!

Renesmays POV-

WHAT NO I CANT GO I DONT WANT TO! The guards started to pull me up when I saw Yasmine and Tyler running up to me. Yasmine and Tyler were stopped by the guards in the front and they were trying to take me back. The guards quickly escorted them away into the crowd when I saw Yasmine throw a punch and run up to the Reaper. I VOLUNTER! she SCREAMED OUT.

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