The Directioner Games

18 year old Yasmine and Serena were best friends. These girls were just like any other girl on planet Direction. They were both madly in love with One direction. Every girl between the ages of 13 and 21 were recognized as "Directioners." Every year on each one of the 5 boys birthdays 2 girls were chosen as "tribute's" to join the deadly massacre of The Directioner Games. Out of all 13 districts only 2 out of the 26 girls would make it out alive. The two girls would then have a day to impress one of the boys or shame would be brought upon their districts. Yasmine and Serena had never been chosen before but, would that all change on the day of the recruiting?


1. Day Before Recruiting

It was a warm summer day. I checked my phone for the time and any messages from Serena. It was exactly 6:30 and I had one message from Serena that was sent 3 minutes ago. I sat up in my bed and read the text. Serena: hey I know its kind of early but do you want to head out to the forest for some practice? I quickly stood up and replied in a heartbeat. Yasmine: yeah sure let me get ready and ill meet you half way there. I got up to my closet and I got my usual outfit, a button down white shirt and some blue skinny jeans with my black converse. I scanned the hallway then quickly ran my arm up and down the bottom of my bed. I quickly grabbed my bow and arrows then left my house. I quickly ran to the usual place we would meet up when we went for target practice, and sure enough there she was with her bow and arrows same as mine. We walked off into the woods disappearing into the early morning fog.

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