Disapproved (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

NOTE: HARRY IS NOT FAMOUS. charity it as people call her (Cece) is a normal 16 year old with perfect grades and is really close to the only family member in her life seance her mum died 4 years ago, her dad.He is very protective over her in every way to keep her safe. But he disapproves her boyfriend, Harry who is two years older than she is. What will happen when he finds out about her being pregnant and is going to marry and move in with Harry?


11. Chapter 8 :PP



I stood standing in just my bra and knickers in front of the long mirror. What appeared in front of me was frightening; I was disgusted by it. My hand was placed over the bump on my stomach. The pregnancy tests were laid out faced down across the bathroom counter. Id made sure to lock the door just in case Harry had came home from shopping with his mum. Only Gemma knew about my pregnancy scare; shes the one who had gotten me the tests.

They had three of them across the counter. I took a deep breath before flipping one over. I felt my heart sink. Positive. Maybe it was wrong?! They still have two more. Both hands flipped them over at the same time. Damn it!! What am I going to do? Its the middle of summer, my dad hates me, Harry and I are supposed to be getting married.. But he'll probably cancel after this and break up with me. And I cant blame him if he does. We're young. We have our whole lives ahead of us. And having a baby right now will ruin our future. The love I had for the unborn baby was unconditional, but it didnt stop me from being afraid. Harry isnt going to want me now. And if Im pregnant, especially with Harrys child then my dad would never forgive me let alone let me come back home.

"Baby, we're home!" I heard Harry shout from downstairs. I quickly wipped away the tear on my cheek and put my clothing back on. Then there was a knock on the bathroom door, hands wiggling the knob. "Its just me." Gemma whispered. I unlocked the door allowing her in before shutting and locking it again. "So?" Her eyes were full of concern as I nodded my head. Ive already told her about my fear of Harry leaving me and she told me how stupid it sounded that he'll love me and the baby no matter what.

There was another knock on the door. "Babe?" Harry questioned. "Yeah, Ill be out in a minute. Im getting dressed. You dont have to wait up." With that we heard Harrys feet slowly disappear down the hall. "What do I do?" I was panicing. "I cant tell him.. Not now." "Its ok. Take your time everything will be alright." She said as I threw the three tests into the garbage next to the toilet. We both then exited the bathroom and walked into different rooms.

"Hello, beautiful." Harry spoke as I entered our shared bedroom. "Hi." I smiled as if there was nothing wrong. My leg made contact with the mattress before the rest of my body followed. I couldnt help but blush as he continuously stared at my face. "You wanna go walk on the beach?" His raspy voice broke the silence as I nodded in agreement.


"Babe?" "Mmm." "Will you promise me something?" I asked as we walked hand in hand in the shallow water. "Anything." I might as well just ask; it goes through my mind at least once everyday. "Promise.. that when you find another girl and youre happy with her that youll still love me.." He immediately stopped. "Cece, baby Im not going anywhere. I love you no matter what. Whatever happens, I know we'll be together." His words sunk into my heart. Harry took my hand in his as we began walking again.

I couldnt think of anything but how to tell him. Should I just blurt it out now? No, it would freak him out and ruin the moment. But Ill tell him eventually. "So, when do we tell your father?" Harry broke the silence. I dont know what hes talking about but if its what I think it is, he must be insane.

"About what?" I asked stupidly.

 "The wedding. Cece, he is your father. He deserves to know. Youre his daughter. If my daughter hadnt told me Id be upset too."

"I dont know. Soon maybe." It had just happened, he didnt need to know right away; not just so he could ruin it.

"Soon?" "Soon." I smiled. "Let go home, its getting late."



Cece was down in the living room with my mum and Gemma while I was up in the bathroom just exiting the shower. The towel dried my hair, but just before I started drying my body I noticed something in the trash. My hand pulled out the box that said 'Pregnancy Test' on the top. There were three inside. - for negative + for positive. All three were positive. What the hell? This is why she was acting so weird earlier. Why hadnt she just told me?

By this time there had been a poodle of water from my body on the floor, my body nearly dry. I took the towel and quickly dried the rest and put on my joggers. The towel had been placed in the washing ben and I made my way to the living room. Once there I could see my mum was showing Cece and Gemma pictures by the fireplace as they drank their teas'. Seeing her sitting there so happy put a smile on my face. Id walked over to them all and sat in between Gemma and Cece.

Oh my god. My mum was showing our baby pictures. "So, when were you going to tell me you were pregnant?" I whispered into her hair. She stood frozen. "H-How did you know about that?" "Maybe you should have hid the boxes more." Her head starply turned to me before she stood and walked away. I quickly followed after her.

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