Disapproved (A Harry Styles Fanfic)

NOTE: HARRY IS NOT FAMOUS. charity it as people call her (Cece) is a normal 16 year old with perfect grades and is really close to the only family member in her life seance her mum died 4 years ago, her dad.He is very protective over her in every way to keep her safe. But he disapproves her boyfriend, Harry who is two years older than she is. What will happen when he finds out about her being pregnant and is going to marry and move in with Harry?


10. Chapter 7 :))


"Harry?" I shouted as I walked into the door. His feet causing the floor to creak as he walked down the stairs. The normal smile I would recieve was a frown. My eyebrows creased, biting down on my lower lip. "What is it?" I questioned. "Y-Your... nothing, never mind." He stopped mid-stairway and turned to walk back up.


I shut my door behind me, hoping she wasnt following me. How was I going to tell her? Right now, the plan was to not tell her, ever. It was better that way. But it frightened me that if shed find out herself she would get upset with me and leave. Forever.

My body jumped onto the bed, face in the pillow. Her leaving me was my worst nightmare; I loved her too much and I didnt want a stupid secret getting in the way of us being together. I heard her footsteps behind me, but my face stayed hidden. The feeling of her hand rubbing my back was relaxing. My arm reached back, guiding her hand into my curls.

"What time is it?" I questioned. "7:35." My body turned so I was now laying on my back facing her. "Your home early." "I got sick." I took her hand in mine, fiddling with her fingers. Gemma came into view, standing in the doorway. My eyebrows were raised as if I was asking her what she wanted. "We`re going see a movie, mum wants to know if you guys wanna come?" "Yeah." Cece smiled before I could. And with that Gemma had disappeared again.

Cece quickly moved across our shared room to the dresser and pulled out some of her close. She pulled out a superman tank top and ripped jeans. "You comin'?" She asked; I nodded in response. My index finger came to my mouth as I watched her dress. "Quit staring." I laughed as she threw a shirt a me.



"Im going to the loo. Dont try anything, Styles." I pointed back at him. We had just gotten back from seeing 'The Conjuring' and I knew he would try to scare me. Once done, I walked out into the hall. All of the lights had been turned off. Though I knew it had been Harry I still darted to the nearest light and flicked it on. "Boo!" "AHHHH!" I screamed as Harry jumped out from behind the corner. "Oohhh, ahhh." Harry mocked me waving his hands in the air. "I hate you!" I punched his arm before making a pout face and crossing my arms over my chest as he continued to laugh. "Youre sleeping on the couch." "You sure you wanna sleep alone?" He raised an brow. "No.. I need someone to protect me." I tugged him by his shirt into our shared room.

The covers was pulled back before I climbed in followed by Harry. "Cece." "Mmm." "Your dad came looking for you today." It just came blurting out of his mouth. "W-What... what did he say?!" I asked desperately. "He was looking for you.. but I told him you werent here." "Good, he doesnt need to find me. I can take care of myself." I smiled.


Harry was fast asleep lying next to me while I was wide awake terrified as my eyes continued to skim around the bedroom. I slightly jumped as my phone vibrated under me. It was a text from Gemma. A smile spread across my face as I quietly and carfully removed myself from the warm bed and over to the door.


I woke to a clicking sound by the door. Cece wasnt in bed; she mustve gotten up to go to the loo. The noise gotten a little louder before it slowed. I removed myself from the bed and walked to the closed door, my hand reaching for the handle and opening it. Nothing was there. I looked down the hall towards the loo; the light was off. Where the hell was she?

I walked down the stairs and looked left then right, nothing. With that I walked back up and stopped at the bathroom door. She was trying to scare me. A small smirk displayed on my lips before I swung the door open. She still wasnt there. Then I heard the clicking again but this time it was coming from somewhere in the bathroom, but I couldnt tell where. The shower curtain was tugged back but nothing happened. I turned when the water came on but there was nobody there. My body quickly ran to the door way and into the hall looking both ways, still nothing. Then there was clicking again. My heart began to beat quickly as my hand slowly moved up to open the large closet.

The feeling of someone jumping on me terrified me as both me and the person stumbled onto the ground. I made a grunting sound as my head hit the floor. It was obvious the person was Cece as she laughed on top of me. Gemma came in the door way basically holding onto the frame to keep herself from falling as she laughed; she was in this too?

"What is going on?" My mum also appeared in the door way and began laughing as she took in the current situation. Was anyone on my side; they couldve given me a heart attack. "Haha, Im so sorry." Cece struggled to breathe above me. "I couldve killed you, woman."

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