The Boy Next Door

About the 1D boys and how my first summer away from my family turned out to the the best summer of my life!


2. UK Bound

I find my way to my seat and sit,I look over and see a women with a baby and it's crying so I look in my carry on for my iPod and put it on. I feel a tap on my shoulder I look up to see a women standing there,I take my ear phones out an she tell me we have landed, I must have fallen asleep. I get a sick feeling I'm really here,I start to miss home,What if i don't like it here what is I get really home sick?

I walk in the airport and see my grandparents standing there waiting for me, my Grandmother runs over to me and gives me a big hug. "Sydney honey I've miss you so much your so big." I have not seen her in 5 year my Grandfather was sick and could not travel. "I missed you to" I say. My Grandfather is not much for hugs so he shakes my hand, "Nice to see you again Sydney" with a smile on his face. "Missed you to Grandpa

We pull up to my Grandparents house or as they call it here a flat. It's in a neighborhood all the house's look the same way different then where I grew up,I grab my bags out of the trunk and head inside,I look around it's the first time I have ever been in there place it's cute you can tell an old couple lives here, an old floor model TV is in the middle of the room with a old sofa that looks older then me with flowers all over it, My Grandmother interrupts my thought. "Let's show you to your room dear" I smile at her she heads up the stairs and opens the door to a room at the end of the hall, I look in and it is small half the size of my room back home. "I hope you like it honey" She says with a smile on her face she is to cute. "It's perfect" I say lying of course it's so small and stuffy with a single bed with an old quilt on it.

I grab my bags and start to unpack a few thing,setting some of my cloths out on the bed trying to figure out what I will wear for the week,I only have a small dresser that won't fit all the cloths I brought.I don't know why this is so hard I can't pick anything, All I can think of is what my friends are doing back home, Emily stop your going to be here for the summer you need to stop thinking about being home all the time, I say to myself. I grab a few things and head to the small dresser and spot a group of boys out my window.

Great I think to myself a bunch of loud boys next door, you can hear them yelling and acting crazy. I put my things away and head down stairs, my Grandparents are sitting on the couch watching tv. "Get everything put away?" my Grandfather asks, "Yeah" I say with a smile, "Who are them boys next door?" My Grandmother looks up at me, "A young boy named Harry lives there with his mother Anne she is a sweet women..I will take you over tomorrow to meet them"



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