The Boy Next Door

About the 1D boys and how my first summer away from my family turned out to the the best summer of my life!


4. The boy next door.

I am laying in bed I can't sleep all I can think about is Harry, his green eyes the way he would look at me, his voice. I need to tell Tiffany, what will I say there is no way to describe him besides perfect, I never thought it was possible for a guy to be perfect no one is perfect. I grab my phone and text Tiffany. I need to talk to you.  I lay there waiting for her to text back. I don't even know what time it is home she could be sleeping, its only 7:30 here. I'm still tired from the trip and the time difference. A nap seemed like a good idea at the time.

I hear a knock at the door, oh my god I know that voice it's Harry, what is he doing here? I hear someone coming upstairs, I jump out of bed and run to the mirror trying to fix my. Oh my god is Harry on his way to my room? Why would she let him up here? I hear a knock at my door.

I look one last time to make sure I look all right before going to the door, I take a deep breath and open it. There is Harry in a blue plaid  shirt and jeans and black boots looking so amazing. "Hello Sydney" he says in his amazing British accent. "Hello Harry" He leans on my door frame. "I was just wondering if maybe you would like to go for a walk? I can show you around" I can't believe he is here in my room asking me to go for a walk I have never had a guy in my room before, my mom would not let me, if she knew Harry was up here she would kill me.

"Sure let me grab my sweater" I walk over to my bed to grab my sweater and see that I got a text back from Tiffany I read it. "You met a guy all ready girl you work fast!" I don't have time to tell her now I have the boy next door waiting for me, I grab my sweater off the bed and walk over to the door, Harry moves "After you" he says with a smile, His smile gives me butterflies, what is wrong with me he is just a guy I have met lot's of guys but none that made me feel this way.

I head downstairs Harry right behind me, my Grandfather is coming out of the kitchen holding two glasses with what looks like to be..I'm not sure what it is. "Where are you kids heading?" He asks looking at Harry. "I thought I would show her around" Harry says with that amazing smile. "Don't keep her out to late" I look at my Grandfather and give him a look he smiles at me, my Grandmother is sitting on the couch smiling from ear to ear. "I wont keep her to long" Harry says as we walk out the door.

We start walking down the street it's very quiet no one is around, I look over at Harry he is beside me walking with his head down, he looks up our eyes meet there is an awkward moment, so I blurt out. "So where are we going?" Harry looks at me. "I thought we could go over to my mates place" He looks at me waiting for my response. "Cool who's your mate?" I say looking into his green eyes. "Louis" He looks down again as if he is shy.

We walk up to this place that looks just like my Grandparents place, I think to my self how can anyone remember where they live here? Harry just walks in with out knocking, there is four guy all sitting around they all look up when they see me, one jumps up and walk over to us then looks back to his friends. "Look guys Harry has a girl with him" They all look my way I see Harry smiling at him. "I'm Louis Harry's best mate and you are?" I look up at him "Sydney" One of the boys yell from the other room. "Harry get in here"

He heads into the room I follow, he sits down on the couch of of the guys move and sits on the floor, I sit beside Harry. "Sydney this is Zayn, Liam and Niall you all ready met Louis" He pointed to each one as he said there names, they are all very cute are all the guys from the UK this good looking? "Hi Zayn, Liam and Niall" They all start talking I sit there and listen, Harry is so cute I think to myself laughing and carrying on with his friends. I look over and see Louis looking at me he waves a funny wave, I laugh. "So Sydney where are you from?" Louis asks. "Canada" I say looking at him. "Your far away from home" "Yeah I'm spending the summer with my Grandparents" I say.

We all spend hours talking they all had a lot of questions to ask me, Harry decide to leave I say good bye to everyone and he starts walking me back to my place. "Your friends are pretty cool" I say looking at him smiling "Yeah they seemed to like you" He says looking in my eyes my heart starts to race, how can someone be so good looking. "You think?" I say. "Yeah....You ready to go home yet? or want to take a walk?" I never want to go home I love being with Harry. "Walk you didn't show me around yet" Harry smiles and we walk and talk for a few more hours, he walks me back to my Grandparents place we are standing out front.

He is standing there with his head down with his hands in his pockets he looks up at me. "You busy tomorrow?" I can feel the butterflies starting he is going to ask me to hang out again I'm jumping for joy in my mind. "No" I say quickly. "Want to go grab a bite to eat or something?" He says with that amazing smile the smile I love it makes me weak in the knees. "Sure" I say, just then he leans in an kisses me on the cheek. "See you tomorrow then" He says as he walk to his place looking back at me standing there.






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