The Boy Next Door

About the 1D boys and how my first summer away from my family turned out to the the best summer of my life!


3. Harry Styles

I wake up to the sound of my Grandmother calling me. I get up and look around everything is so different it is going to take some getting use to, I am so tired I hear a knock on my door, my Grandmother peeks in "Your up good I just came to bring you some fresh towels I though you may want a shower after your long trip" I smile "Thanks" that would feel nice right about now I think to myself. "Its two doors down honey" She passes me the towels.

"I was talking to Anne this morning we are having tea with her and Harry this afternoon" She looks happy she has not stop smiling. "Ok" I say not knowing what to think, I don't know if I want to meet this Harry guy, remembering how loud he and his friends were last night they kept me up most of the night with there loud music.

I get out of the shower and walk to the little mirror hanging on a hook and wipe the steam off and look at myself, should I put on some make up? What will I do with my hair? What will I wear? I keep asking myself over and over, I don't know why I care it's just a guy I don't even know and will probably hate. 

I walk to my room and look through my cloths I decide  on a t-shirt and a pair of jean, why dress up, I get dresses and head back to the bathroom make up bag and brush in hand. Why am I so worried what this boy will think? I never put make up on, I have never even seen him he could be ugly not that looks matter but they do help.

I head down stairs my Grandmother hears me and comes to meet me. "You ready for tea dear" No not at all I think to myself I really don't want to do this but it will make my Grandmother happy so I will do it for her. "As ready as I will ever be" I say faking a smile.

She heads to the door and I follow her, walking next door she knocks on the door, I am so nervous I have no idea what to say I have never been to tea before we don't have tea back home, do you need to be all polite and put your pinky's up and say stuff like hip hip cheerio, I start to laugh. The door opens and there stands the most beautiful guy I have ever seen.

"Rose" he says shaking her hand he puts his hand out to shake mine, I am still standing there staring  at him I can help it I have ever seen anyone so amazingly  handsome in my whole life, his beautiful green eyes and brown curly hair. I stand there like a fool till my Grandmother elbows me, he is still standing there with his hand out, I put my hand out he grabs it and says "Hello I'm Harry" I smile and say "Sydney" he smiles and invites us in.

My Grandmother and I sit on one couch, Harry and his mother sit across from us, his mother pours some tea and hands it to me. "Thank you" I say still looking at Harry I can not take my eyes off him. "So your spending the summer with your Grandparents Sydney?" I hear his mother Anne say I look over at her. "Yes" I say, I feel so nervous maybe it's because of Harry, I look over at him he is looking at me to

Oh my god I should have spent more time getting ready I should have picked out something better to wear. "So how do you like it here so far?" I hear Harry say, even his voice is amazing is it even possible l for someone to be that perfect? "It's very different then Canada but I think I will love it here" Harry looks at me and winks "I hope so"



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