The Boy Next Door

About the 1D boys and how my first summer away from my family turned out to the the best summer of my life!


1. Airport.

Beep Beep Beep.... I wake to the sound of my alarm going off, still half asleep I look at the time 4:00am. I have a flight in less the 3 hours not wanting to get up I make myself get out of bed. Soon I will be on a plain heading to the UK,

That though scares me I have never been to the UK, I have never been out of Canada. But this summer I will be spending with my Grandparents. I have never been so excited or scared in my life this is a whole new experience for me but I think it will be good, My mind is racing, maybe a shower will clear my head.

I grab my towel and stand in front of the mirror, I look like hell, I try and do something with my hair and decide to put it in a pony tail, I head out to my room it's full of suit cases enough for a whole family. I stand there look at them thinking I may have packed to much but it is a whole summer,

I walk over to my dresser and open drawer after drawer nothing is left I packed it all, I head to my suit case and open it and find a pink t-shirt and a pair of jeans this will do I say to myself.

I grab my cell and check my messages there is one from my best friend Tiffany "Hey Girl I'm going to miss you this summer have fun and find yourself a hot British fellow with a hot friend xoxo" Her text makes me smile find a guy that is the last thing on my mind, Tho it would be nice to have someone it's been a wile sense I was with someone,

I glance up at the clock 5:30. I grab my cell and run out of my room all most tripping over all the suit cases on my floor and head down stairs.

I find my mother still in her PJ's standing at the kitchen counter, "Hi Mom" I say quietly not wanting to scare he, "Good morning sweetie you got everything together?" "Yes Mom" I say and my mind starts racing again, This is real I'm going to foreign country, "Sydney it's time to go" I come back to reality "Um...What" I say not hearing a word she said "It's time to go" Mom says with a smile.

Sitting in the car looking out at the place I grew up ,This will be the last I see of this place for the whole summer I'm sure going to miss it here all my friends my family, we pull up to the airport, I hop out to help my mom with the bags and we head inside, Finally we arrived  to the terminal and I hug my mother Good Bye and head on the plane, This will be the start of a great summer.




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