I Need a Choice

Rylee Snape, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, a slightly pail face, travels to Hogwarts with her father, Severus Snape, She meets to lovely boys along the way, ones a Slytherin others a Gryffindor. How will her life at Hogwarts turn out to be and who will she chose in the end.....


2. Platform Nine and Three Quarters

Rylee's P.O.V.

Once we arrived, I ran and hugged my best friend that I haven't seen in forever! Her name is Morgan, Morgan Triland. She has brown hair and hazel eyes. My father didn't really approve that I was friends with her because she was a muggle-born and i was a half-blood, but i didn't care. "Morgan! I haven't seen you in forever!" I couldn't believe she was coming to Hogwarts! "Rylee! I missed you so much!" she screamed. My father then called me over. When i got to my father he had three people with him. "Rylee, I would like you to meet the Malfoy's."  There was a Blonde haired man about the age of my father, a women with brown hair on top blonde underneath, and a blonde haired boy about my age. The women spoke to me "Hello Rylee, I'm Narcissa, this is Lucius, and this is our son Draco." Draco was cute with his blonde hair and blueish gray eyes. He smiled at me and then spoke. "Nice to meet you Rylee." he shook my hand and i blushed a bit. "Would you like to sit with me on the train?" he asked. I nodded and we got on the train. We sat in a empty compartment. "So, Rylee tell me alittle about yourself."   "Well, I'm a only child and have lived only with my dad for about ten years after my mother died. I love sweets and I love to go shopping! What about you?" I replied. "Well I'm a only child as well, I love sweets also and I sing and play guitar." I smiled when he said he sang and played guitar. Just then we heard a loud bang and saw two boys running past. They stopped at our compartment and sat down. "Hi! I'm Fred and this is George." one of them said. "Nice to meet you." I replied. They smiled, stood up and ran away. I looked at Draco who was sitting there smiling then the train came to a stop. "Time to get off the train I believe." Draco said. we stood up at the same time and got off the train. I then again meet up with Morgan. We just talked about what house we wanted to be in and why. I of course wanted to be in Slytherin because my father was in Slyhterin and i think i would make a great leader and quidditch player. Morgan wanted to be in Gryffindor because she was brave and strong. We walked with Hagrid who was leading the first years to the school just across the lake. After we crossed the lake we sat in a carriage with two girls and one boy the  one girl had brown hair and brown eyes and the other with almost blonde, but still brown hair and hazel eyes.  The boy had blonde hair and bright blue eyes. "I'm Havana and these are my cousins, Trinity and Cody." Morgan and I then introduced ourselves. We then arrived at the school. We all walked towards the great hall by a professor of the school i believe she was Gryffindor's headmistress. She then stopped us and told us we  would be sorted into the houses of either Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw. Then we all walked into The Great Hall where the sorting hat was placed on a stool. 

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