I Need a Choice

Rylee Snape, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, a slightly pail face, travels to Hogwarts with her father, Severus Snape, She meets to lovely boys along the way, ones a Slytherin others a Gryffindor. How will her life at Hogwarts turn out to be and who will she chose in the end.....


4. Christmas

"Hello, Rylee nice to see you again." Narcissa said walking in from the kitchen. I smiled and gave her a hug."Nice to see you too!" "I see you've meet my niece Bridget. But i don't know who he is never meet him." "That's Bryce he's friends with me and Draco." Narcissa just smiled and put our lunch on the table. "So, what do you people want to do after lunch? It is Christmas Eve." Bryce stated. "He has a point." Draco agreed. "What about, truth or dare?" Bridget asked. We all looked at each other. "Sure." We all stated. After lunch we all went up to Draco's room. "Who wants to go first?" I asked. "You, you asked you start." Bryce said. I groaned . "Bridget, truth or dare?" 'Dare" I smiled "I dare you to go ask Narcissa if she will help you ask out Goyle." "EWWW! No way I'm not doing that!" "I dared you too. Now go." She marched downstairs me filming and she actually asked! She walked back upstairs. "My turn. Bryce, truth or dare." "dare" "I dare you to ask out Pansy Parkinson when we get back to school." 'No." "Bryce come on. We all know you fancy her." he looked at us and we all nodded. "FINE! My turn, Draco truth or dare?" "truth" "Do you like Rylee?" Draco blushed a bit and looked at me. "Ummmm, yeah." I just smiled at him. "My turn. Bridget truth or dare?" "Truth." "Do you like the smell of fresh butterbeer in the morning, sorry couldn't think of anything." "Yes. My turn, Rylee, truth or dare?" "Dare" "Kiss Draco..........On the lips." I turned and looked at Draco who sat there smiling and pulled mistletoe out of his pocket. I blushed and well I kissed him. "I hate you all." "Why?" Bridget asked. "Don't play dumb i told you that i liked Draco, you told these two, planned to play truth or dare just to dare me to kiss him. I'm not stupid." They all stared at me "You are one smart girl." Bryce said. "KIDS!! DINNER!!!" yelled Lucius. We all raced to the dinning room where i found all of Draco's relatives. After dinner we all got changed and got ready for bed. Bridget slept in one guest room Bryce ibn the other and some relatives slept in the others which meant I slpet in Draco's room on a extra bed. Draco and I fell asleep while watching some muggle movies, we watched Mighty Ducks (it's about a muggle sport called hockey.),  Aliens in the Attic, and Finding Nemo.  The next morning I woke up and rushed to the Malfoy's family room with Draco, Bridget, and Bryce. I slid right to the tree and said "Someone go wake Narcissa and Lucius." Bridget walked off and I stared in awe at all the gifts under the tree. Lucius and Narcissa came walking in sleepily. "Can we start opening gifts now?" Bryce asked impatiently. Narcissa nodded and we started tearing into our gifts. I first opened the one gift from Narcissa and Lucius. It was a silver ring that wrapped around your finger to look like a snake. Then I opened the gift from Bridget. A shirt that was a crop shirt that had a super man symbol on it and it also had a black tank-top to wear underneath. Bryce simply bought me a bag full of sweets. Draco bought me a pair of pastry's white shoes (or as Bridget called them pimp shoes.) My last gift I got was from my dad along with a note 

*Dear Rylee,

I really wish i could be with you this fine Christmas morning. I wish you a great day. I love you.

                                         Your Father, Severus

I quickly opend the giant box. It was full of sweets, clothes, shoes, and jewelry. I wish he was here but I have to stay here as my father goes on a trip to Romania for some odd reason. Draco got the same ring I did from his parents, A leather wand case from Bridget, a bag of sweets from Bryce, and a pair of new dress shoes for Narcissa Christmas dance tonight.  After lunch me and Bridget raced to Draco's room to get ready for Narcissa's dance. Draco and Bryce tried to get in, but Bridget as small as can be scared them away. I picked out a white dress that came down to about mid thigh and silver boarder around the top and at my waist it got ruffled. Bridget picked out a simple dress. Gold at the top around the waist was a bow and the rest was black and went down to mid thigh. We did each others hair my hair got straightened and was put into a waterfall braid. Bridget's hair was put into a messy but neat bun. We meet up with the two boys and went and sat at a table. We watched as the other guest slow danced. I walked to the snack table to geta drink when i heard someone behind me "Rylee, may I have this dance?" I turned around to see who it was it was no other than Draco Malfoy. I nodded and took his hand. After the dance we all started packing up to go back to Hogwarts.

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