Louis Tomlinson is My Brother

Isabelle is sick of all the attention she is getting from her famous brother, Louis Tomlinson. She decides to move away from her home, and live somewhere else and completely change, hoping to leave her other life behind.


7. Shopping

By Eleanor’s face when she first saw me, I could tell she didn’t approve. Not like I was looking for approval.

“Eleanor!” I wrapped her into a hug. “I missed you!”

“Miss you too, Isabelle,” Eleanor replied.

I stepped out of the doorway, and yelled bye to Uncle Kevin, before getting into the passanger side of Eleanor’s car.

“Where to?” I asked as she came in and fastened her seatbelt.

“I was thinking the mall, dinner and then maybe a movie?” Eleanor looked at me, as she turned on the car, a grin creeping onto her face.

I laughed. She knew my soft spots. “Yay!” We sped off onto the highway, and half an hour later, we were at the Doncaster mall. We parked in the back.

“Here’s a pair of sunglasses,” Eleanor said, handing me a pair of black glasses. She put on a pair for herself.

“Thanks.” It was important we didn’t get recognized. I mean, it wasn’t like people were going to be looking out for us, and it wasn’t like we were going to be mobbed, but we didn’t want to be harassed by paparazzi.

Our favorite store was Topshop; as soon as we entered the mall we made a beeline for the store. It was as if we could literally read each other’s minds. I smiled at the thought. We were like twins, but we weren’t. I absolutely couldn’t wait to have her for a sister-in-law! I knew she couldn’t wait to have me as a sister-in-law either; it was just a matter of dropping hint after hint to Louis, who seemed completely clueless in the matter.

We walked past numerous stores, but we didn’t really like any of them. They were too expensive, and ripped easily. We finally came to the front of the store. In the front window was a long, jean skirt. It looked just like Eleanor’s style, and the best part was that it was on sale.

“This one is totally for you!” I exclaimed, pointing through the window at the mannequin that was wearing the skirt. I smudged the screen as my finger touched it.

“Don’t point!” Eleanor quickly slapped my finger away. “But yes, it’s perfect.” I could tell she was in love, so I quickly went into the store and hurried to the skirt section. Within minutes I found the skirt, and they had Eleanor’s size. I pushed it into arms, and pushed her into the change room. Yes, maybe I was being pushy, but that was how we shopped. We chose out things for each other and pushed each other into change rooms. Yes, we did get a few strange stares, especially when Louis was with us. He would usually stand in the change room area, and watch as we gave him a fashion show while he held our Starbucks.

Suddenly though, the fun ended when I saw two familiar faces, they were the faces of Bethany and Paula.


Authors Note

What do you all think so far? Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, I’ve been super busy!


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