Louis Tomlinson is My Brother

Isabelle is sick of all the attention she is getting from her famous brother, Louis Tomlinson. She decides to move away from her home, and live somewhere else and completely change, hoping to leave her other life behind.


3. New Hair and a Phone Call

“Purple,” I quickly said when the hair dresser asked me what colour I wanted my hair to be. I had always wondered what I would look like in purple hair. Hopefully it wouldn’t be to ugly.

“Just purple?” the hairdresser asked, messing with my hair.

“How about we put some blue in it as well? Just to make it more fun.” In the corner of my eyes I saw Uncle Kevin’s shocked face, but he didn’t say a word. I didn’t say anything else, I just the hair dresser work her magic.

One hour later, my hair was all dry, and it was being combed out. I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror. This was the new me. Isabelle Tomlinson was out the window. In came the new me, Izzy. Just Izzy. If anyone wanted my last name, I would use my uncle’s, Rogers, because I didn’t want to be connected with Louis in any such way. There was still the similar nose and mouth, and shape of face, but there was nothing I could do with that.

“There you go, miss. All done. What do you think?” the hairdresser put the hair dryer on the table, evidently pleased with her hard work.

“It looks…” I had no description. “Amazing,” I finally decided. I jumped off the chair, paid and then walked out of the salon.

“Whew, is this the same girl I just shared a brownie with?” Uncle Kevin joked as we started walking back towards his house.

I laughed. “Uncle Kevin, stop it.” Playfully I pushed him to the side, he didn’t fall, but he pushed me into a bush, and I fell right into it. He couldn’t stop laughing, and didn’t even offer me any assistance as I was stuck.

“Can you help?” I asked, trying to figure out how to get out. Maybe if I… no, that wouldn’t work.

“Fine…” Uncle Kevin reluctantly gave me his hand. “I wouldn’t be a good uncle if I didn’t.” he helped me take the twigs out of my new hair-do, while I wiped the dirt away.


I woke up the ringing of my cellphone at two in the morning. I didn’t open my eyes, instead I pounded the table beside the bed until I found the ancient device and put it to my ear.

“Hello?????????” I talked into my pillow, so my voice must have been rather muffled.

“Is that you Isabelle?”

Great… it was Louis. Slowly I sat up in bed. “Why are you phoning at such a late time?”

“I missed you,” Louis said in a sad tone. Okay, so maybe talking to him like that wasn’t the best thing to do.

“You woke me up.”

“I can tell.” He laughed, and I heard voices in the background. It sounded like Harry and Niall goofing off.

“Hey! You take that back, Louis Tomlinson!” I demanded, raising my voice.

“Fine… sorry…” cheekily Louis laughed. “Oh great… I have to go; Harry and Niall are fighting over a sandwich. Love you, bye.” He quickly hung up.

I scrunched up my face. Just like Louis. He never had time for me. I put my phone back on the table, and quickly drifted back into a restless sleep.

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