Louis Tomlinson is My Brother

Isabelle is sick of all the attention she is getting from her famous brother, Louis Tomlinson. She decides to move away from her home, and live somewhere else and completely change, hoping to leave her other life behind.


10. Isolation

I didn’t go to school the next day, or the next. Instead I spent my time crying my room. Uncle Kevin didn’t seem to notice. He had been coming home drunk the past few nights anyway. Not like he actually cared about me.

I had kept my cellphone turned off, and had shut down my twitter and Facebook. There was no way for someone to contact me, even if they wanted. Well, I guess the only way they could was to become old fashioned and come visit me, but I doubted anyone would.

Today though, I looked at my calendar. It had been three days since Louis had sent me that text saying he would be home in five days. I knew that I was expected to come to the airport and greet him with the rest of the family, but I dreaded it. I knew my mom would take one good look at me, and tell me I was kidding to get a tattoo and dye my hair. Louis would look at me as if I were mad. Though, I knew Perrie would give me a hug and say ‘welcome to the dye your hair wacky colours club’. Jade, Perrie and I would be part of the small club then, it was small, but it would be fun.

I turned around in my bed, and saw my cellphone looking at me accusingly. Okay… maybe I should turn it on. I leaned for the night table and turned it on, and within minutes of it turning on, I saw that I had gotten at least 50 texts. Most of them were from Louis, Eleanor and the rest of the band. Obviously Louis was worried about me. I quickly sent a text to Louis saying that I was alright, and before I knew it, he had sent me a text back saying:

Change of plans, sis, coming home tonight!!! Meet me at the airport. Xx

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