Louis Tomlinson is My Brother

Isabelle is sick of all the attention she is getting from her famous brother, Louis Tomlinson. She decides to move away from her home, and live somewhere else and completely change, hoping to leave her other life behind.


11. Crazy

I pulled the knitted hat down to my eyeline, so hopefully I wouldn’t be recognized as Isabelle Tomlinson, or worse Izzy Rogers. My phone was sitting in the palm of my right hand, and my left hand was holding Eleanor’s hand. We had agreed to go to the airport together, and find the gate together. The reason being was because the gate was most likely going to be crowded with fans, and if we didn’t stick together we would get separated.

“Don’t be so secretive,” El scolded me with a smirk on her face. “Show off your beautiful face!” We had the gate number; the trick was just to find it, even though it didn’t seem to too hard. Just follow the crowd of screaming teenage and pre-teen girls. Follow the press with their cameras flashing, the reporters trying to get anything out of the boys.

“El, I have my reasons,” I looked up to her face and forced a smile, raising my nose.

“Hurry up! We’re going to be late!” Eleanor quickly started to run through the crowds, whisking me off of my feet and nearly knocking hyperventilating girls over.


Authors Note

Hey… sorry this chapter absolutely sucks but I’ll try write a better one and finish the movella off soon.

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