Louis Tomlinson is My Brother

Isabelle is sick of all the attention she is getting from her famous brother, Louis Tomlinson. She decides to move away from her home, and live somewhere else and completely change, hoping to leave her other life behind.


8. Crazy Ideas

“Are you Eleanor…. Eleanor Calder?!” Paula was trembling, nearly hyperventilating. She had a One Direction book clutched to her chest. I quickly put on my hood to cover my purple hair and shoved my sunglasses further up my nose.

“Yes, I sure am,” Eleanor replied with a smile. “But Louis isn’t here with me today. I’m sorry.”

“Oh, that’s fine!” Bethany quickly said. “Oh… are you?? Are you Isabelle TOMLINSON?!” Bethany’s voice squeaked out my last name.

“Yup.” I gave a small smile, careful not to say too much that would give my voice away.

“Can we get your guys autograph?” Paula asked as she took out a Sharpie pen from her purse, and handed us her book.

“Sure thing,” Eleanor took the pen and scribbled her name by Louis, and I did the same thing.

“Were you about to go into Starbucks?” Paula asked as she quickly took her pen and book back as if we were going to steal it.

“Yeah,” I gave a quick smile. “El doesn’t have school tomorrow, so we decided to hang.”

“Can we… hang… with you guys?” Bethany slowly asked.

I rolled my eyes behind my glasses. These girls were more annoying than at school.

“If it’s okay with Isabelle,” Eleanor nudged me and smiled. “C’mon, it’ll be fun.”

I couldn’t say no… could I? My cover just might get blown, or I would disappoint my brother’s fans. What was more important?

“Sorry girls,” I tried to sound apologetic. “We’re not going to stay long, and it’s going to be a quick trip in and out. Maybe another time.”

I watched as Bethany and Paula’s faces slanted to frowns, disappointment evident in their eyes. They slowly said their goodbyes and left. El and I turned towards the door and walked out, towards the nearest Starbucks.

“That was a bit rude,” Eleanor scolded me as soon as we were sure we weren’t in hearing distance.

“El, they were from my new school,” I quickly whispered. “I don’t want my cover blown on the first day!” We went towards the counter and ordered. Eleanor always ordered something confusing with extra-whip, non-fat milk, soy-milk, chocolate syrup on and on… I lost track of what she wanted all the time. When it was my turn to order I ordered a simple White Chocolate Mocha.

We took a seat in a semi-private spot, and I took off my hood, letting my purple hair free.

“Wouldn’t it be cool if Louis and I got matching tattoos?” Eleanor asked, as she sipped the delicacy.

“Yeah,” my eyes brightened with excitement. “Why don’t we get tattoos at the same time? You know, like a sister thing?”

“That would be so cool!” Eleanor caught on to my excitement. “I’ll get a tattoo on my ankle like Louis… where are you going to get yours?”

I thought for a moment of what would look cool. Instantly I thought of Cher Lloyd, and the tattoo of a music note on her hand. That would be cool. I told Eleanor, and she agreed.

Authors Note

So I'm not exactly sure if Louis does have a tattoo on his ankle... I don't even know if he has one at all...

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