Maybe Dreams do Come True [Niall Horan fan fic]

Madison keeps having dreams about the one and only Niall Horan from One Direction and so far all of them have can close to true. Could this be more than just dreams? Or could they mean nothing..?


3. Chapter Three

Madison's POV:

After Niall left, I looked at my phone and noticed that he gave me his number. He saved his name as: Nialler(;
After my shift was over, I went straight home and laid up on the couch watching Finding Nemo. One of my favorite movies. I couldn't stop thinking about Niall. I didn't know if I should text him now or if I should wait. I didn't want to be a bother to him.
I finally decided to text him.

To Nialler(; : Hey, it's Madison from Subway.(:

I think it was a bit plain, but at least he'd know it was me. I was so nervous. I couldn't let go of my phone. I was sitting there staring at the TV with a little clown fish paused on the screen as I was waiting for a reply. My phone vibrated, I jumped up from shock and I looked at my screen with a smile from ear to ear on my face excited that it could be Niall, but it wasn't. It was my best friend Kylie. I had a face of disappointment.

From Kylie : Hey! You should come over. Megan is here and we wanted to have a girls night!! Bring some movies and ice cream!(:

I couldn't help but giggle at the fact that she told me to bring stuff even with the possibility that I might not show up. But of course I did! I had to tell SOMEONE about my day.

To Kylie : Be there in five.(:

I was actually really happy that I was having a girls night. It was a little last minute, but it was needed.
I went to the corner store to get some movies from RedBox and some ice cream. I rented a scary movie, action movie, and a romantic comedy. We are girls we have to watch at least one chick-flick. And I got us some Cookies-n-Cream ice cream, my favorite.
I walked into Kylie's apartment like I owned the place. I put the ice cream in the freezer when I felt a vibration from my pocket. I was pulled it out, not expecting it to be Niall, but I was surprised when I noticed that it was.

From Nialler(; : Hello love! Sorry it took so long for me to reply. I was explaining to the boys why I forgot their sandwiches, and they were trying to steal the delicious sandwiches you made me.(; Thank you by the way!

My heart was racing! I couldn't stop thinking of the possibility that he could've mentioned me to the boys. I was nervous. And my insecurities weren't helping at all. But I didn't want him to think that I was ignoring him, so I finally replied to him while standing in front of the fridge.

To Nialler(; : You're welcome, anytime.(: I'm glad you liked them. Maybe I can make each of you boys a "delicious" sandwich. :P

"MADISON! WHAT'S TAKING YOU SO LONG?!" Kylie screamed. "I'm coming, sorry!" I quickly grabbed the movies off the counter and ran into the living room where the two girls were. "Sorry, guys. I got distracted." I explained myself. "Who is it?!?!?!" Both of them bouncing up and down on the couch. I wanted to tell them but I worried they wouldn't believe me. "If I tell you, will you promise that you'll believe me?" I asked with my voice kind of cracking. "Of course we'll believe you. Why wouldn't we?" Megan reassured me. "Well I met-" got interrupted by my phones vibrations. "Hold on." I opened the text by Niall and a huge smile went on my face, I felt my face getting red.

From Nialler(; : We would love that!!! Especially me.(: I hope we run into each other again. Very soon. Maybe next time I can see you outside of your work.(;

My heart skipped a beat, and I got butterflies in my stomach. I-I think Niall was flirting with me. He wanted to see me again! I started bouncing up and down on the couch. My friends looked at me confused. I couldn't help, but shout, " Niall Horan from One Direction wants to see me again!!!!" "Again?" They both asked, still confused. I explained everything to them and they were shocked and told me to tell him that we should all hang out sometime some of my friends and the boys too.

To Nialler(; : Or instead of running into each other we could all hangout? Maybe I could some friends along? Totally up to you.(:

Megan, Kylie and I all started bouncing on the couch screaming, when we heard a noise coming from the floor tell us to shut up. We started laughing. "Maybe we should start the movies?" Megan asked us. "Sounds great! I'll make us bowls of ice cream." Said Kylie. I walked into Kylie's room to change into something comfortable. I practically lived there, so I had some clothes put away there. We laid up back onto the couch and started to watch the movie. But in the back of my head I couldn't wait to see how Niall was going to reply to my text.
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