Maybe Dreams do Come True [Niall Horan fan fic]

Madison keeps having dreams about the one and only Niall Horan from One Direction and so far all of them have can close to true. Could this be more than just dreams? Or could they mean nothing..?


7. Chapter Seven

Madison's POV:

He scoots closer to me. I can feel our legs touching and I get a shiver down my back. I wanted to scoot away, but his touch was so warm, I felt like I couldn't move. Not a muscle. He sets the guitar on my lap putting the neck in my right hand. "Put your fingers here." Niall says putting my fingers in position. I felt his breath on my neck. My stomach started hurting from the butterflies. 

I was honestly not paying much attention where he wanted my fingers on the guitar. I tried my hardest to concentrate, but his breath and touch was distracting me. I wanted to look up into his eyes, but I knew I would go and make a move before I knew how he felt about me. I felt like I was moving way too fast, even for my own comfort zone. But I had this feeling that I HAD to do these things and feel this way towards a guy I barely knew and just met. 

I finally look up at him. I think he realizes that I'm looking at him and he looks up at me. "Are you ohk, Madison?" He asks with a concerned tone. "Oh, yes. Just thinking." I don't know if he believed me, but he put the guitar away. He turned facing me and grabbed both of my hands. I also turned to him, enclosing our hands together. 

"What's on your mind, love? You can always talk to me." He assures me. With him saying that, I actually feel a lot more comfortable around him. I look up to his eyes which are locked on mine and I forget what I was about to say. I just froze there, staring at him. His beautiful blue eyes. I can't even explain how beautiful they really are. I'm practically speechless. I bit my lip, trying to stop the urge if wanting to kiss him. 

We hear a knock at his door. We both jump getting out of our gaze. "Yeah? It's open." Niall answers to the knock. "Um, just thought I would let you know it's pretty late..." Liam says trailing off, and before he could continue Niall interrupts and asks, "Can she stay the night, Liam? Please?" I look at Niall with confusion. We barely knew each other, why would he invite me to stay the night? I barely knew any of the boys at that fact. Where would I sleep anyway? And what would I sleep in? Because I'm not sleeping in the tight jeans I'm wearing. 

"I don't care, but maybe you should ask her first? She seems a little lost, mate." Liam  

answered. Making my thoughts worst. Why doesn't he care? He barely knows me. I could possibly be a thief, or I could be an undercover agent, or worst, an undercover journalist trying to get dirt on them or something. I'm not, but the point is that he doesn't know that, and yet he's willing to let me stay the night? Hmmm, they must be very trusting. 

"Um, Madison?" Niall asks getting me to finally get out of my thoughts. "Are you ohk with staying the night? I can sleep on that couch while you sleep in my bed." After he says all that he looks down to the floor. I grab ahold to one of his hands. "I'll sleep on the couch, after all it is your bed for a reason." I say with a giggle. "No, no. I insist that you sleep in my bed, love."





"Here." He hands me something to change into for bed. "Where's the bathroom?" He points across the hall showing me the bathroom. "Thanks." 

I walk to the bathroom and start to change. as I'm putting on the bottoms I realized that they where Niall's four leaf clover boxers. I blush and think how lucky I am to be experiencing all this. I didn't even want to tell anyone what I was experiencing because I wanted to keep it as my little secret. I guess it was a little selfish, but it's not like I had the right to tell the world that I slept in Niall Horan's boxers, I stayed the night at One Directions flat, I met all the boys from 1D, I couldn't just say that. I would put them in danger of all those crazy, psycho fans of theirs. 

"Madison are you done?" There was a knock at the bathroom door. "Oh, yeah. Hold on." I come out looking down then slowly looking up into Niall's eyes. I felt my cheeks burning as a smile flew across my face. "You look better than I do in those." Niall said winking at me. My cheeks felt like they were on fire. I knew I was incredibly red. "Thanks." I let out a giggle. 

"We should watch a movie." I suggested. Before Niall could answer I hear a British accent speak up and yell "Yes we should!" I heard the rest of the boys agreeing. "I think the whole house wants to watch a movie." Niall smiles at me. Grabbing my hand and enlacing them together, he pulls me to living room where everyone else was. 

"So what movie?" Asked Louis. "No Liam not Toy Story!" He shouted before Liam had the chance to even give a choice 

"How about a scary movie? They're always better at night." I suggested to the group. They all looked at each other for a good minute and all agreed with me. "Scary movie it is!" Shouted Harry. "What scary movie though? There's a bunch!" He continued saying. 

"Hmmm, good question." Liam pointed out. 

"One of us should go to RedBox and go pick one!" Zayn suggested. 

"Sounds fun! Nose goes!" Louis yells in excitement. Me and Niall were the last ones to put our fingers on our noses, so I guess it was up to us to go pick the scary movie. 

"I guess it's the two of us." Niall points out the obvious. "I suppose so." I dumbly agreed. Our hands never coming untangled we leave the flat, and walk to the corner store. Since Niall can't drive legally. 


"Yes Niall? Is something wrong?" I ask with concern in my voice. "Nothing's wrong, but I just had this feeling..."

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