Maybe Dreams do Come True [Niall Horan fan fic]

Madison keeps having dreams about the one and only Niall Horan from One Direction and so far all of them have can close to true. Could this be more than just dreams? Or could they mean nothing..?


9. Chapter Nine

Madison's POV:

It grew silent. I knew what I wished for was impossible. But it was just a wish after all. I wanted to tell him that I can't stop thinking about him. That every time we touch my breath is taken away. That when we look into each others eyes I freeze and get lost in them. I wanted to tell him everything, but I knew he couldn't feel the same. 

How could he? We barely knew each other enough to even date, nevertheless like each other. Every second I'm around him my feelings get stronger and stronger. I wanted them to stop. I'm pretty sure he had a girlfriend of some sort. If he didn't then he's probably talking to someone, someone famous. Not a fan. Not someone like me. 

My insecurities were getting the best of me again and I think that they were winning. I finally opened my eyes giving him an excuse, "I can't tell you. Or my wish won't come true." It's not that I couldn't tell him. Just that I wouldn't. I didn't want to make myself look like a completed fool.




"Her name is Alexis, her eyes would have to be one of her best features other than her personality. She's around my height so kind of short, and she's rather young, Harry. Do you think that'll be ohk with you? Dating a younger girl?" I was explaining about my cousin to Harry. I was trying to hook the two of them up. I barely knew harry personally, but I had this gut feeling that him and my cousin Alexis would be great together. I know how much of a fan she is of the boys, but I hope she doesn't fangirl and freak Harry out. 

"I'm fine with that. It's something new, but if she screams in my face I'm going to just leave." He answers with a laugh. I didn't know if that was a joke or not l, but I laughed along with him. 

When suddenly a knock came from Harry's door, a blonde headed boy peaked through and said, "What's so funny?" shyly. Niall must have just woken up because his hair was messy and he kept rubbing his eyes. Plus his voice, it was a little husky, and you could hear his Irish accent even more. It was so attractive, I had to admit it was a turn on. 

But everything about Niall was a turn on. He was just perfect. His majestic blue eyes, to his dirty blonde hair, to his loud laugh, to his touch on my skin, to even how our hands were like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. Just everything about him. 

"I told Madison, if her cousin screams in face then I'll leave her." Harry says still laughing. I got up and walked towards Niall, before I gotta the door I turned and faced Harry. "Hey Harry, can I have your number?" Slightly pausing, I didn't notice how awkward it was just asking him for his number was. "You know, so I can tell you directions to where you're meeting my cousin. And so if you have any questions about her you can text me if needed." Trying to make the awkwardness go away. "Oh! Sure! Give me your phone." He finally agreed. Handing him my phone. I turned my way back to Niall, but he wasn't there. My heart dropped when I didn't see him. I thought he was waiting for me but I suppose not.



Niall's POV:

She asked Harry for his number. My heart literally broke a tad when I heard that our of her mouth. Did she secretly like him or something? I had to walk away from there before I could hear more. My eyes began to water an my throat started to swell to where I can hardly breathe, or swallow. 

I walked into the kitchen where I found Zayn making a sandwich. "No Niall this isn't for you" he said before looking up at me. When he finally looked up at me he saw a tear go down my face. "What's wrong mate?! Are you ohk?!" You could tell he was worried about me. I don't like crying. Especially in front of the boys. I didn't like them worrying like Zayn was right now. I didn't know how I was going to tell him but had too.





Harry's POV:

I was a nervous wreck. I was going on a blind date with Madison's cousin, Alexis. I was pretty excited, but mostly nervous. I didn't know what to expect. How did I get myself into this situation?! 

I finally got to the beach, to meet Alexis for the first time. The moon shined beautifully in the water, making the beach seem brighter than it really was. I saw a girl further down sitting on the sand. "Hello, you must be Madison's cousin...Alexis?" I ask as I'm walking towards her. She looked elegant. Even if she was only wearing jeans with a long sleeve low cut sweater. 

"Yes, I a-" she stopped in mid-sentence as soon as she saw me. Please don't scream or fangirl, please please please!!!!! "I'm sorry, yeah I am. I'm Alexis." She finally answered after what felt like a n hour pause. 

"Well, are you going to sit?" She asked looking up at me. "Oh yeah, sure." I sat next to her, but not too close.




"Wanna go swimming?" I asked her as she finished laughing. Her laugh was just adorable. I couldn't get enough of it. I really wanted to go swimming, but not alone of course. "Not really. I'm already cold." She said sticking her tongue out at me. 

I sat there for a little while, and then I picked her up running towards the water. She was yelling telling my to put her down. So I finally did, but in the water. She tried to run out, but I pulled her back. She was in my arms. She fit in them perfectly. Our eyes met and they seemed like they were locked there. 

Her blue eyes were just gorgeous. Madison was right her eyes were amazing, but not one of her best features. All of her was her best feature.  

I looked down at her lips, she was biting her lower one, and I noticed our lips getting closer and closer. As soon as lips touched it started to rain, not sprinkle like you'd expect it would be when it first started to rain. But no it was pouring like it's been raining for hours. 

I picked her up still kissing passionately, walking towards land so we can go back to my car to somewhat dry off.

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