Maybe Dreams do Come True [Niall Horan fan fic]

Madison keeps having dreams about the one and only Niall Horan from One Direction and so far all of them have can close to true. Could this be more than just dreams? Or could they mean nothing..?


4. Chapter Four

Niall's POV:

I didn't know how to reply to her text. I wanted just the two of us to hangout but she wanted the boys and some friends to tag along. I liked the thought of seeing her and that's all that really mattered at the moment. I also wanted her to meet the boys. But I was worried that Louis would embarrass me.
Asked the boys what I should do and they all basically told me that they wanted to meet her, so I had to agree with the terms of all of us hanging out.

To Madison(: : I think that's a great idea! I'd like for you to meet the boys, so that sounds perfect.(: Maybe we can make plans later? It is getting pretty late.

I was exhausted and it was almost midnight. As I was waiting for a reply I feel asleep on Harry's floor. We were all staying there just hanging out until it surprisingly turned into a sleep over.
I woke up, starving. I saw all the others sleeping all over the place. Liam was on the couch, Louis was upside down on the recliner, Zayn was curled up by the wall and Harry was stretched out on the blow up bed. I tipped-toed to the kitchen to look for some food when I opened the fridge I heard Harry moving on the bed and I stood still like he wouldn't see me if he got up.
He was only getting himself comfortable again, so I continued to look for food. There was nothing. So I went and changed into something of Harry's. We shared clothes all the time so I knew it wouldn't be a problem.
I wrote a note on the fridge saying I was going to grab some food and that I was going to be back soon. I quietly grabbed my phone and walked out of the flat.
Looked down at my phone and noticed I had two messages from Madison. I couldn't help but smile.

From Madison(: : Hah, I'm excited now.(: Can't wait to meet them and see you!(:
Good morning!(:

I was so excited to know that she couldn't wait to see me. I literally thought that I was going to piss myself. I couldn't stop smiling, even if I tried. I really liked her. Just after meeting her a day ago, I knew that I liked her a lot.

To Madison(: : Good morning to you too, love.(: I hope you slept good!

Author's Note: sorry it's kinda short and slow, but it will get better I promise!!! (:
Please vote/comment and become a fan!! I'm new at this and need all the support I can get.
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