Maybe Dreams do Come True [Niall Horan fan fic]

Madison keeps having dreams about the one and only Niall Horan from One Direction and so far all of them have can close to true. Could this be more than just dreams? Or could they mean nothing..?


11. Chapter Eleven

Madison's POV:

Zayn got back in the car, and say next to me. "Go outside with Niall." He whispered in my ear. I did as I was told and got out of the car. As I stepped out I saw Niall standing there looking at his shoes and scratching the back of his head. 

He was so adorable. Being nervous. I don't understand why he's nervous though. It's not like he had a reason to be. If anyone should be nervous it should be me. Since I'm the one who is going to spill my heart out to him. 

Just thinking about it made my stomach ache. I felt as if I had nails being stabbed into me, and getting my insides twisted and pulled. Ugh, it was painful. 

Niall finally looked up at me. He hesitantly walks towards me and grabs ahold of my hand. "Where are we going?" I asked him very shyly.


Harry's POV:

Madison's flat was really nice. Especially since she was staying alone. She had a pretty big tv in what seemed to be the living room. There were blankets and pillows on the floor. I don't know if Madison been sleeping on the floor, or possibly just left them there, or what if Alexis planned on me coming to the flat with her and agreeing to come inside? Maybe I was thinking a little too much. 

"Welcome to Madison's flat!" She said while spreading her arms out and turning in a circle. "I came by earlier to lay out the blankets and pillows, since I'm staying the night her tonight. I was just going to watch movies all night eating some junk food..." It seemed like she was reading my mind about the blankets and pillows. I laid down on the blankets crossing my arms behind my head. "Well, make yourself comfortable." She said with a laugh. "Come lay next to me, Alexis." And she did just that. 

About five minutes later she was out like a light. She was all cuddled next to me like a little puppy dog. I pushed her hair behind her ear and kissed her forehead goodnight. I got myself comfortable again and I closed my eyes to sleep.


Niall's POV:

"It's a surprise, love. I can't tell you." I walked towards the trunk of the car. I grabbed the blankets in one hand and the snacks in the other. The bag of snacks were super heavy! How much food was in there? What kind of food is in it to be so heavy? I tried my best not to seem like it was all that heavy. 

"I know what it is! It's a PICNIC!" She yelled. I scolded her because I wanted it to seem somewhat romantic even though I didn't plan ANY of this. It was all Zayn's idea. 

"It's going to be more than just a picnic." I promised. I was going to tell her how I felt about her, I was going to go for a kiss tonight. I was going to try to make this be our first official date, even if she's not aware of it...yet.





"Niall, we need to talk." She tells me as we finally get settled on the blankets, for our want to be date. I started to breath faster than I was before. My heart started racing and I couldn't stop swallowing my own spit. I was to nervous to even look up at her. 

"I have to tell you something too, Madison." I finally spit out looking back to her. Her eyes got worried. I think she was just as scared as I was. I don't know why she would be scared though. 

Sigh, I hate not being able to read her so easily...but it's also what I like so much about her. She was different, she treats me like a human being and not like a piece of meat. She actually cares about me and how I feel. Just like I do for her. 

"You go first, Madison." 

"Well, I don't know how to say this..."

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