its the little things that count (nonfamous)

tiffaney sanders has been in and out of foster care since she was six moving all around the u.s she is now 18 and is getting adopted by a british mother and her son {harry} she hurts and dosent want to fall in love but when she does all things go bad

its a good story so just read please


13. What did I do wrong (short chapter)

I was sitting outside and Niall came out and sat by me I was crying a lot "the other boys went to report Zoe and you won't get in trouble because it was self defense" he said I leaned on his shoulder and cried he held me and we sat there for a few minutes "why me" I said after I calmed down a bit "what do you mean?" He looked at me and I pulled my knees to my chest "why did my parents have to die? Why did I have to go through that when I was so little" I said I felt the promise bracelet on my wrist "I don't know" he said I looked at him "but who does I mean I don't feel like I'm all here I mean without my parents I have no one to cry to or to protect me like Zoe said and no one likes me...." I said not realizing it it just all came out "that's not true i like you Liam likes you Louis, Harry zayn kit Kat Hannah Kayla Tara we all like you and didn't you see Harry he was protecting you I will protect you we all will and you are crying to me right now and I'm perfectly fine with it" he said I just looked at him and he looked back I cried knowing I should stop because I will get attached but I didn't I felt safe around them "thank you" I said "your welcome" he said and we both stood up and I wiped my face as the other boys came out "ok Louis driving" Harry said and we all got in the car and drove home silently....
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