its the little things that count (nonfamous)

tiffaney sanders has been in and out of foster care since she was six moving all around the u.s she is now 18 and is getting adopted by a british mother and her son {harry} she hurts and dosent want to fall in love but when she does all things go bad

its a good story so just read please


1. the first day

My name is Tiffaney Sanders but my friends usually called me Tiff. When I was 6 I moved into foster care. My mother died in a car wreck and I remember my dad's death. I still have nightmares about it. My dad died from a seizure and I was with him when it happened. Now im 18 and have been asked if I wanted to be adopted by a lady and her son who is from England but moved to America. I immediately accepted thinking I could have a family again so I took the three hour flight to Indiana. The whole flight I was thinking why would they want me im 18 im not a cute 6 year old. When I arrived they were waiting for me on the porch the mother had long dark hair where I have shoulder length brown blond hair and green eyes. Her son who looked about my age had dark curly hair flipped mostly to one side "Hello im Anne cox and this is Harold Styles" the mother said with a smile the boy laughed "call me Harry" i smiled they both had british accents and it was kinda cool "i-im tiffaney but people at my old school called me tiff" i say my palms are sweating i mean i have been in so many foster familys but i never thought i would be this nerveous then again im being adopted not foster. we walk into the house it is beautiful it has an upstairs and the living room is huge "harry will you take tiff to her room?" anne asked harry "yea but mum can the guys come over?" harry asked as he flicks his hair "sure but u have to include tiff" she smiled at me and suddently i felt like the little sister that no one liked we started up the stairs when harry stopped halfway up "can i ask you something?" i stopped and looked at him he looked kinda sad "um....sure" i said harry looked at me "why did you pick us?" he asked i was supprised at the question and could think of an answer finally i thought about it 'because....your mom by the description sounded a lot like my mom." i looked at him and he smiled and put his arm around me "i like that answer welcome to the family" i laughed and we continued up the stairs. we got to my room i just stared the walls were green trimmed in blue and it had a bed big enough for four people "whoa" i said harry laughed "do you like it we didnt know if we was getting a boy or girl so we got green and blue" harry said i smiled "you bet i do i love it" i put my bag on my bed and opened it the first thing i pulled out was the only picture i have of my parent it was the summer before my mom died i was five and we all had ice cream on our noses and i was in a frilly pink two piece "is that your parents?" harry asked me "yea" i felt a tear run down my face and wiped it quickly "well....uh i gues your tired ill leave you alone" i smiled and nodded and he left shuting the door i sat down on the bed and thought about how today was saturday and monday i start school im going to college with harry and his friends i sighed and stood up and unpacked when i was done i slip my bag under my bed and sat on my bed when i heard anne "tiffaney if your hungry come eat sweety" i smiled and replied "ok" i looked at my phone the only thing i got to keep between foster familys it was already 7:30 and i was tired but i went downstairs anyway i stopped on the steps because i heard other people talking "hurry up hazza i wanna meet her!" i could tell it was a guy i finished walking down the stairs and to the kitchen and saw four other boys one had almost no hair  the other one had dark hair but he had a hat on and was tanner than the others the other next to him had brown hair he had a bennie on and was clearly the oldest the last one looked like he was my age he had brown hair layered with blond and beautiful blue eyes harry came up to me and put his arm around my shoulder "guys this is tiffaney tiffaney this is liam zayn louis and niall" he pointed to them and they waved back "urm....hi" i said i looked at anne "im really tired and im not all that hungry"i told her the guys all came up to me and they all gave me their numbers and told me to text them i smiled and accepted i went up stairs after our good byes i went into my room and changed into pajamas and layed down on my bed and sighed slowly falling asleep....

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