its the little things that count (nonfamous)

tiffaney sanders has been in and out of foster care since she was six moving all around the u.s she is now 18 and is getting adopted by a british mother and her son {harry} she hurts and dosent want to fall in love but when she does all things go bad

its a good story so just read please


4. Race?

We sat there and it was complete silence it was kind of awkward "cheeseburgers and jelly babies" Niall said Harry Louis and zayn laughed "" Zayn said trying to change the topic "I know we should go race go carts" Louis said I looked at him "there's a go cart place here?" I asked Louis "yea we go there alot!" He said I felt happy because the only race track I've been to was my 3rd foster family we raced 4-wheelers on a dirt track "so u wanna go?" It was zayn talking but they all were looking at me with pleading eyes. I put my hands in my lap and realized I still had pajamas on "yea just let me get ready." I looked at the boys "yea we have to too." Liam said I walked up to my room and closed my door and sat on my bed. I heard the boys go into Harry's room so I Kaye's on my bed and listened. " what do u think about her?" It was Harry talking "she's cool" I think it was either zayn or Liam "she isn't cool she is cute!!" I would know that accent a mile away I love Irish accents so I knew it was Niall "awwww!!" Louis said "Nialls in lovvvveeeee!!!" All the boys but Niall said "a-am not!! I her" I heard how nervous he was the. I left after that to take a shower. When I was done I got dressed I was wearing jeans and a see through blue shirt with a green undershirt I heard a knock on the door "hey u done?" It was Harry "yea ill be out in a minute!" I put my DC's on and some bracelets around my promise bracelet. I looked in the mirror "why does he think I'm cute?" I whispered to myself "come on tiff!!" I heard down stairs I grabbed my phone and a pony tail holder and walked out the door "whoa you look beautiful!" I turned around in the middle of putting my hair up an I saw Niall and Liam but Liam was the one who said it "n-n-no I-I'm not" I said finishing my hair and turned around almost to tears the only person who called me that was dad and his voice was playing over and over in my head but when I was little I was beautiful "h-hey!! Tiff wait!" I heard Niall say I wiped my face and looks at him as he hugged me "what's wrong?" I was shocked that he hugged me "nothing" I said he looked at me "u sure?" He asked I forced a smile "yes" I pulled away and went out side....
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