its the little things that count (nonfamous)

tiffaney sanders has been in and out of foster care since she was six moving all around the u.s she is now 18 and is getting adopted by a british mother and her son {harry} she hurts and dosent want to fall in love but when she does all things go bad

its a good story so just read please


10. New friends

I looked at the other girls "hello" I whispered a girl came up to me with a skirt looking pants and a pretty blue shirt with a black blue jean jacket "hello I'm Hannah" she said I extended my hand out "I don't shake hands" she said I put me hand to my side "I give hugs!" She said and smiled really big her long brown hair fell in a ponytail I looked at her shocked as she have me a hug when she pulled away Hannah hugged Louis the girl who was hugging Harry looked at me "and I'm Kayla" she said I smiled zayn looked at me "this is--" he started but got cut off "I can introduce myself zayn hi I'm Tara" she said she had short blond hair with a small bit of brown and was small in both height and weight "hello" I said there was one more girl but I think I knew her name she had dark curly hair and was kinda tall and skinny she walked up "hello I'm Kayla too but they call me kitkat" she said and smiled they all started talking we compared schedules and I had every class with them they all adjusted their schedules to match watch other and I just happened to get classes with them the first bell rang and we all walked to our fist class which was college English I fallowed them and the teacher announced who I was and stuff and said that the class could ask questions that were appropriate "yes mrs travis?" Said a girl with blond hair and blue eyes she had on a short skirt and a long sleeved shirt which I thought was kids stupid "yes Jessica?" The teacher said I looked at her "so where did you come from?" She asked I didn't want to answer the truth so I said the last foster family's home "Denver Colorado" I said the class looked at me amazed I guess a boy raised his hand he had black hair and I couldn't see his eyes but he had blue jeans and a jacket on "yes Levi" the teacher said "ok what are your parents like" I froze and wanted to cry "mrs Travis I need to talk to you" it was Harry mrs Travis walked out and Harry followed her I knew what he was telling her "well?" Levi said I just looked at him and ten mrs Travis came in "ok class that's enough questions tiff you can sit there by Kim" she pointed to a girl with a blue dress on and long curly hair I heard someone cough "freak" I stayed still trying not to cry I sat down and heard people behind me "omg I don't think she has parents" one said "maybe she's a runaway" "I don't know but she hangs out with Harry and them maybe she's a foster child" "guys it don't matter she is still freaky" I heard someone else cough and they were quiet I guess they thought I couldn't hear them but I'm waiting till lunch to say anything the rest of the day till lunch there was a lot of girls talking to the boys but they all flirted with Niall I guess there popular or something I sat down at lunch and tried not to cry "hey tiff u ok?" It was Niall and Liam again "yea just thinking" I said I liked how this school was like a highschool but just more collegey Niall sat beside me "about what?" Liam asked standing above me I looked at Niall and whispered in his ear "about what u said yesterday in my room" he smiled and looked at me "so did anyone ask you out yet?" I looked at the floor "no" I guess I was wrong about him liking me but even Harry said so!! "Oh it's ok just wait love" Liam said "maybe" I said....
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