its the little things that count (nonfamous)

tiffaney sanders has been in and out of foster care since she was six moving all around the u.s she is now 18 and is getting adopted by a british mother and her son {harry} she hurts and dosent want to fall in love but when she does all things go bad

its a good story so just read please


23. Lies and revenge

I looked at the woman "wait a minute" I said thinking I was going to act dumb "so you lied to Anne?" I said hoping I could pull this off "yes and if you have a phone give it to me now" I laughed good thing I was a good liar "foster children don't get phones if you was really with social services you would know that" I said I crossed my arms and laid back in the seat I felt my phone in my pocket by my chest "its cold in here" i said an put my hands inside my jacket and I hit Nialls name and it was calling I turned it all the way down and put it on speaker phone when I saw he answered I smiled "so why did you take me?" I asked knowing he could hear "we picked you and we have tracked you down for a few days we found out more about you and now that we have you our plan will go perfect" I looked at her "you have beautiful blond hair you know that?" I asked she got mad "stop trying to change the subject you have just need kidnapped and all you want to do is say how pretty my hair is?" She said I smiled "well....yes" I said 

Nialls part of chapter (poc) 
I heard my phone ring and looked at it we were all shaken  up about tiff getting taken away I answered it as soon as I read tiff "hello?" I said I heard her talking "so why did you take me?" She said I put it on speaker "shhhh" I told the boys we all listened "you have beautiful blond hair you know that?" Tiff said we looked at each other the lady who took tiff had black hair "stop trying to change the subject you just got kidnapped and all you want to say if how pretty my hair is?" The woman said "oh my god" most of us said "where are you taking me?" We heard tiff say "somewhere far away but well since no one knows right now were taking you to st.louis Missouri but we have to go to the airport first" the lady said all the boys ran to Louis car and got in Anne was calling the police and I kept the phone open still listening "why did you take me?" Tiff asked I felt like crying I should have kissed her again before she left "because we saw you walking one day with a bunch of boys And we thought that you would sell perfectly" sell? I looked at the boys "sell her?" Louis asked we was confused "sell me what do u mean like to the highest bidder or something?" Tiff asked the airport was ten minutes away tiff had been gone for five but at Louis speed we could get there faster "yea something like that but you have to be alive and healthy and when we found out you was an orphan we thought no one loved you anyway so we would take you" they way they was talking about tiff she was nothing but a piece of candy a little kid stole out of a store to sell to some older kids "so I will never ever see them again?" I heard tiff say she sounded like she was about to cry just then Louis pulled into the airport we sat in the car and looked for them there was cop cars there but no lights Louis Harry and me got out and went to tell them what was going on "officers!!!!!" Louis yelled as we ran to them they all turned around and saw us running over there "what's the matter?" We stopped almost out of breath they would be here soon "there's these people they kidnapped my sister!!" Harry said we told them everything and they listened to the phone "so why do you want to sell me?" Tiff asked "because we need money and you know once your sold you will never be seen again its up to the person who buys you what happens to you" the lady said the officers radioed some people i heard amber alert and i know that means kidnap or something like that and all we could do was wait so we got into the car and sat there.... 

Tiffs part of chapter 
We pulled into the airport I saw Louis car and smiled "don't try anything funny" the lady said seeing the cops we got out and I looked at the car and smiled "mrs please stop" someone said I looked and there were officers everywhere the lady looked at them "what's the matter me and my daughter are supposed to go to St. Louis to see her aunt" the lady said the officer laughed and turned her around putting cuff on her "nice try but her friends already told me about how you pretended to be social workers and kidnapped her" the officer said other officers arrested the men "how did they know?!" She said  I pulled out my phone and smiled "What you said foster children don't have phones!!" She yelled I smiled more "if you was really social services you would know that adopted children do and I am adopted" I said one officer a woman came up to me "are you ok you hurt or anything?" She asked me I shook my head "no I'm fine" she said I heard a door slam "TIFFANEY!!!!!!" I heard five boys scream my name I turned around and here they came running toward me Niall beat them all and hugged me first then they all did I almost fell over "ok ok guys I'm fine" I said all but Niall let go he picked me up and spun around as if I had been gone forever "okok" I said he put me down and kissed me "st Louis is a long way away you know that?" Niall teased I hit him "yea and thank you for answering" I said he hugged me again I know there are so many people who get kidnapped but....this was just my lucky day I thanked the officers and we got in Louis car and went home niall hugged me the whole way I don't know if he was afraid to let me go or what but I smiled as we pulled up....

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