its the little things that count (nonfamous)

tiffaney sanders has been in and out of foster care since she was six moving all around the u.s she is now 18 and is getting adopted by a british mother and her son {harry} she hurts and dosent want to fall in love but when she does all things go bad

its a good story so just read please


18. Getting better

Getting better
We were in third hour drama and mrs Z was reading a play but I was confused so I was just thinking mrs Z was calling people to read lines our group was scattered around the room I was thinking when I I've heard some girls behind me conversation "she's just looking for attention" I heard one say I listened "yea don't you see how she looks at everyone when there together? Likes she's trying to say oh look at me I'm dating the cutest boy in school" just then I heard Liam's voice "maybe if you talked to her and got to know her then stop the rumors" I smiled Liam stood up for me at least SOMEONE stood up for me "us? Talk to her?" I heard one say "yes now please with all do respect shut up" Liam said I tried not to laugh I didn't know he was sitting that close mrs Z looked up "Lindsay and Victoria unless you want detention" for the rest of the hour the girls shut up "Louis" mrs Z said Louis looked up "oh ok" he started reading and everyone looked at him I know that had to have made him uncomfortable "stop" mrs Z said and she continued I looked at the clock it was 10:35 I love how this school is the old highschool Louis told me once that they built a new one highschool and made this the college I never did get called to read....
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