its the little things that count (nonfamous)

tiffaney sanders has been in and out of foster care since she was six moving all around the u.s she is now 18 and is getting adopted by a british mother and her son {harry} she hurts and dosent want to fall in love but when she does all things go bad

its a good story so just read please


12. Don't touch me

I thought about it about all the looks I got for talking to him "I....Idont know" I said he looked sad and I thought maybe I should try it but I just met him I thought a little bit more "yes" I said I don't think he really likes me but who knows I know I'll be here for a wile he smiled and grabbed my hand butting his fingers between mine I thought about how this wont work so ill just go along with it I looked around and girls were glaring at me like I was the worst thing ever "hey Niall aft--whoa wait" Harry said Niall smiled "when did this happen" said Louis all of his friends surrounded us they were all smiling and laughing but I could see the other girls staring just then the bell rang and We walked up the stairs to our next class Niall holding my hand the whole way I thought about how many people hated me right now because of it but I know it's just because he wants Lexi and the other girls to go away from him so I won't even try to get attached but he did have one thing true I am adopted and not just a foster family Harry's mom loves me but as I look at my new friends and adopted brother I don't think they really care "so tiff" Kayla said I looked at her "why wouldn't you answer Levi first hour? And all day when the talk about your parents came up you would clam up and be really quiet?" I looked at the ground and Niall squeezed my hand "she's adopted by my mother she has no parents" Harry said quietly "oh" Kayla said as we walked into art I looked around the day was half over and every girl in this school hated me already I sat down my Niall and he held my hand the whole class period the teacher introduced me but didn't make me answer any question at the end of the hour I walked out with Niall but he wasn't holding my hand he had his arm around my back and his hand on my side I kinda felt uncomfortable as we went through the last hours of the day when it was finally over we all walked outside and the boys debated on who was driving an I was talking to Hannah about art and sociology "she's an orphan I heard she killed her parents" I heard someone say "no I heard that Harry's mom found her in the street" another girl said I was about to cry "and she is already dating Niall the whole school is going to hate her" I but my tongue "I heard that she was an exchange student from Japan and that her parents tried to kill her and chop her up in little bits" I was crying at that point I knew it I wanted to turn around and tell them something when the boys quickly surrounded me "tiff are you all right?!" They said I shook my head and Niall hugged me "what happened?" I looked at the girls behind me and said to Harry "they was saying stuff about my parents...." He instantly looked furious and started to walk over there but Liam pulled him back "whoa whoa whoa heyyy mate calm down" he told Harry "how they made her cry on her first day?!" Harry said his face was red and you could tell he was mad "I know but they are just rumors they will go away" Liam said he had his hand on Harry's shoulder "I have to go to the bathroom" I said and kit Kat came with me we walked in and that girl I bumped into this morning was in there she pushed me out of the bathroom and into the hallway against the wall "hey new girl you still wanting to push around?" She said I looked at kit Kat "I'll be right back" she said and ran off "come on new girl push back come on" I was about to cry "awww baby wanna go home to mommy and
daddy? Oh yea I forgot you don't have any they didn't love you so they left you" she said I instantly hated her "aww baby's gonna cry" she said I went to hit her and she grabbed my wrist just then I saw the boys coming "ZOE!!!! Let her go?!" Harry's voice boomed like it was thunder "or what pretty boy" she said she let go and I punched her strait in the mouth "don't touch me" I said she fell back "and by the way my mom died when I was 5 and my dad died when I was 6 they loved me very much" I said and walked away the boys and Zoe's faces were in complete shock and the people watching.
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