its the little things that count (nonfamous)

tiffaney sanders has been in and out of foster care since she was six moving all around the u.s she is now 18 and is getting adopted by a british mother and her son {harry} she hurts and dosent want to fall in love but when she does all things go bad

its a good story so just read please


14. Broken promises

When we got home me and Harry got out and went in Anne was waiting "so how was school?" She asked "just fine" I said hoping Harry wouldn't tell her I went up to my room and looked at my wrist and the promise bracelet I thought about what Zoe said and how much I wanted to be with my parents what if I broke the promise to myself? I thought I decided I would the promise was no self harm and I would never do it again after the promise bracelet but some promises have to be broken I went into my bathroom and broke my razor I took out the blade and I sat there thinking about what I was about to do I just sat there and sat there for a little bit then Zoe's voice popped into my mind "they didn't love you so they left you" "aww baby wants to go cry to mommy and daddy" I took the blade and slid it across my wrist but not too deep I did it twice then stopped it hurt but it took my mind off Zoe I washed the blood down the sink and let it run for a few minutes I cried thinking about my mom and dad and the promise I just broke I cried thinking about Zoe's words I stopped the water and wiped the two parallel cuts with some paper towels and put bandaids on them I slid my sleeve down to cover it up and walked out I laid on my bed and thought about what I just did then I heard a knock and I sat up strait "hey can I come in?" It was Harry "sure" I said he came in and looked at me and shut te door "are you ok?" He asked I smiled and looked at him "yea I'm fine" I lied he smiled "ok mum just wanted me to come get the clothes out of your bathroom I looked at him "ok" I said then I remembered i forgot the blade on the sink "Harry wa---" I started to say but he had already saw and looked at me he ran to my bed which was only a few steps and grabbed my arm moving my sleeve showing the bandaids "what's this?!" He said not loud enough so Anne could hear I look at the bed "Tiffaney come on answer me what it this" I felt a tear run down my cheek "I'm sorry I couldn't help it" I whispered not looking at him he hugged me "it's ok you don't need to do this talk to me or Liam or Louis or zayn or Niall we will help you don't hurt yourself" he said I thought he was about to cry but I wasn't sure I sat there "don't tell Anne" I said I thought about her reaction then Nialls and the others "or anybody for that fact" I added he nodded and got up I heard the water run in the bathroom and he walked back out with my basket "I'm sorry harry" I said he looked at me "it's ok just don't do it again" he said and walked out I don't plan on it I thought and laid down I didn't feel hungry but I smelled Anne cooking something I got up and wiped my face and changed into pajamas that covered my wrist they were purple plaid fleece pants with a purple long sleeved shirt and I headed down stairs "hey tiff" Anne said I smiled "hello Anne something smelled good" I said I smiled although my wrist was burning and itching really bad "that you your so sweet" she said smiling I smiled thinking of my mom "I'm not that hungry so I'm gonna go to bed right now" I said she smiled "ok hun see u later" she said I walked up stairs and bumped into Harry "oh my god I'm sorry" I said "it's ok tiff " he smiled I smiled too an went to my room I closed the door and laid down plugging my phone up I heard it vibrate so I looked at it it was Harry "are you ok?" I thought about it "yea" I texted him back he didn't reply so I don't know what he was thinking but the time was 6:30 and I was already half way asleep I heard Harry's door close then open again and heard Liam and Niall in there talking to Harry and I fell asleep....
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