Heart Attack

Just like any other girl, Mikaela moved to Homes Chapel with her aunt after something terrible happened. When she becomes neighbors with Harry Styles, Harry starts to fall for her and will she just call him her soul mate?


8. Tour

~~~~~~~~~~The next day~~~~~~~~~~


           Mikaela's P.O.V.

I woke up from a beautiful sleep. But I didn't remember going to sleep at my bed last night, all I remembered was falling asleep easily in Harry's arm. That guy knows how to make a girl happy to be with. I looked down at my neck and saw that beautiful necklace Harry gave me. I hold it up to my face, admiring it and smiled. Today, I didn't want to get up at all. I just wanted to lay all day in my bed, eating cinnamon rolls, and watch movies. But I already knew someone would come in my room, pull me out of bed, and take me somewhere. I sighed at that thought and decided to get up. I walked towards the dining room and saw Danielle cooking eggs sunny side up, and saw my aunt Keana already eating. I gave a little smile at that and sat down at the table.

"Morning," said Danielle cheerfully. "You seem happy today, what's up?" I said, continuing the conversation. "I got my first paycheck at work, you know what that means?" She smiled at me and then we both said with sudden spirit, "SHOOPPPPINGGGG!!!!" My aunt raised an eyebrow and looked like she was in distress. But then she smiled and starting eating again. Danielle and I laughed and starting to eat, while talking about  the clothes, shoes, and accessories we wanted. After eating, we all went to our own rooms. 

Danielle and I got changed for the mall, while my aunt got changed because she's meeting up with her sister and going out. I was looking through my closet, being picky of what I should wear to the mall. Then, it hit me. I wore a maroon high waist shorts over black leggings with beige colored flats for my bottom look. Then a white and beige striped shirt with a beige scarf over it, for my top look. I stared at myself in the mirror and smirked. Just then, Danielle walked in wearing a grey colored cardigan over a blue sleeveless bottom up for the top. And copper colored jeans with russet colored boots. 

"I'm impressed,"  I said, envy because she has a more impressing look than I did. But that didn't bother me because we were going to go to the mall and get more attires. "You are not bad yourself," she said, adoring my outfit. We both stared at the mirror together, admiring ourselves and did quick poses and took pictures. Then my aunt called out, "Hurry up and meet me in the car, young ones." We giggled, I grabbed my little shoulder bag that holds my precious things. Danielle did too and we both headed out at the car, closing and locking the main door of the house behind us. 

My aunt dropped us off at the mall, and headed somewhere else. We got inside and went to a store, I have never heard of before. But the store holds beautiful clothes. I grabbed my favorite and headed for the fitting room. I was wearing my second top, when I got a text from my iphone. It was Harry and he texted, "Hey babe, where are you?" I gave a quick glance at the top I was wearing again, then text back saying, "Babe im at the mall, whats up?" There was another ring and Harry text back saying, "Okay have fun. Come to my place later?" I approved of that and got back to shopping and fitting on some tops.

After 3 hours, Danielle and I sat down at one of the food court's tables. We were both so tired of walking around a lot. I ended up with 3 bags of clothes, a bag of accessories, and one pair of shoes. Danielle, in the other hand, bought 5 bags of clothes and 3 pairs of shoes. We waited for my aunt to pick us up. While at that, I ordered root beer for the both of me and Danielle, and we talked.

"So, how's your prince charming?" she said, starting the conversation with a curious look.

"He's the best." I said, with a smile. "He gave me this necklace, look." I showed Danielle the appealing necklace Harry gave me and she gasped. 

"I swear Mikaela, you two are so cute together," She said, still adoring the necklace. 

"Oh by the way, come with me later to Harry's place?" I asked, hoping she would say yes.

"Alright, fine." I was happy she could come, I mean, the last time they saw each other was when Harry made me cry my heart out. But now, I want her to see that we are happy together. And who knows, Harry might have something good to show. Just then, my aunt was out in the parking lot and took us home. When we reached our neighborhood, I thanked my aunt and told her that we would be at Harry's. We reached Harry's and knocked on the door. Someone opened the door, and it was totally not Harry..... or his mom. 


           Harry's P.O.V.

My boys Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam visited. And I wanted them to meet Mikaela so I invited her over. While she was at the mall, we were just in my room playing black ops. Then, someone knocked on the door. Before I could get up, Liam insisted that he'd get it. I knew it was Mikaela, but I want her to know who's here. After about 10 seconds, I got up from my room and went to the by the hall. The boys and I heard a girl screaming. When we saw who it was, I saw Liam still by the door with a scared face. While Mikaela was standing outside carrying her bags with an annoyed face people make when they hear screaming and Danielle screaming with her bags all dropped on the floor. She finally stopped screaming and I walked towards Mikaela and kissed her on the cheek. I grabbed her bags and walked towards my room with Mikaela and most of the boys followed. 


         Danielle's P.O.V.

Mikaela and I reached Harry's house, still carrying our bags of clothes. The door opened and guess who I saw........ LIAM HOTNESS PAYNE. I didn't know what else to do, but scream. I, eventually, dropped my shopping bags and got everyone's attention. I stopped and saw Harry walking toward us. He kissed and helped Mikaela with her shopping bags. I had no choice, but to smile at that. While he helped her, I looked down at my shopping bags and sighed. I tried to grab each of them, until I felt another person's hand touch mine, trying to grab the same shopping bag. I looked up to see Liam helping me with my bags. I smiled and felt butterflies in my stomach. Oh my goodness, I touched Liam's hand. But in the other hand, I didn't want him to help me with my shopping bags.

"Li.... Liam. Oh um... you don't really have to help me with my bags. I can handle it," I said, trying to be calm. I heard him chuckle. "It's okay, I wanted to help you though," he said. I looked into his chocolate brown eyes and boy, were they pretty gorgeous. We finally grabbed all of my shopping bags and walked up the stairs, into Harry's room. In there, I saw the rest of the lovely boys. I felt like I was in a dream. A DREAM COME TRUE. 


         Mikaela's P.O.V.

We were in Harry's room and I laid down in Harry's bed with him, while the three cute boys sit on the floor. I watched as Harry and the cute blonde boy play black ops. Just then, I saw Danielle and Liam walk in together with bags in their hands. I see Danielle looking at each and one of the boys, I swear that girl was in love with all of them. They sat down on the floor and Harry paused the game, and sat up. I didn't bother standing up, boy was I tired. Just then,  Harry introduced Danielle and me to each of the boys.

"Babe, this is Niall," I looked over at Niall as he waved at me and I smiled, "Zayn," Harry said pointing to the really cute black-haired guy and he smiled at me, "Louis," I looked over to see Louis eating a carrot and I chuckled, "and Liam," Harry said lastly and I saw Liam, a calm guy with a smile on his face. And Harry said, "Boys, this is Mikaela and Danielle." They all greeted us and we got to know all about each other.

"Want a carrot?" said Louis, and I chuckled. I love to eat carrots, so I ate it. Then I asked Harry, "Not that I don't like you guys, but babe, why are the boys here?

A silence broke out for about 5 seconds, while all the boys were changing glances with Harry. I was so confused. Then, Harry took a breathe and said, "Babe, they're just visiting. We're not going to meet again for 5 months and then we-"

"Five months? Whats going to happen when five months past?" I said, interrupting him curiously and worried. Harry gave me a worried look and finally broke out saying, "We going to be back on a world tour in 5 months." I felt upset and distressed, then I pulled myself under Harry's blanket covers and hug my knees. I heard Harry say to the boys and Danielle to go downstairs in the living room. Then he pulled himself under the blanket covers. We were silent for about 5 more seconds and he said, "Mikaela I-" but I cut him short and I said, "How long are you going to be gone, Harry?" not even bothering to look at him. "Seven months." I finally looked at him and said, "You know I can't stay away from you for that long. I just can't, Harry, I c-" 

"I know, I know. But there's nothing we can do. Im sorry babe, but I'd do anything to keep you with me." I scooted in more to him, as we cuddled. "Can't you call your manager and ask them?" I said, trying to endeavor. "I wish I could, but they wouldn't take that chance and no excuses were to be made," and I felt like I was falling apart. I just wanted to spend the rest of the night with Harry while I still can. I laid my head on his chest and he kept his arms close to my arms. We decided to pull out the blanket because we could not breathe any longer under there. But we stayed the same position. All of a sudden, I looked up at his face slowly and he looks back at me. We stared at each other for the next three seconds and then a simple smile grew on my face. Then we kissed for about 4 second and went back to our cuddling position for the next 5 minutes.

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