Heart Attack

Just like any other girl, Mikaela moved to Homes Chapel with her aunt after something terrible happened. When she becomes neighbors with Harry Styles, Harry starts to fall for her and will she just call him her soul mate?


2. The incident

          Mikaela's P.O.V.

I stayed home for 3 days taking care of my dad. My aunt keana and friend Danielle really felt my empathy and helped me by coming over once in a while to check up on me and my dad. One day, my aunt keana and friend danielle came over the same day. My aunt keana stayed with my dad in his room while me and danielle were in the living room. 

"How are you mikey?" said Danielle. Sometimes she would call me that at times.

"Ive been better but im scared of losing my dad." I said really worriedly.

"mikey, dont think that way. he'll get better" Danielle said with a little smile. Just then, my aunt keana called us over to see my dad. I asked my aunt whats wrong.

"He doesnt want to eat, he hasn't eaten at all today" said my aunt. I sat down next to the bed my dad was on, picked up a spoon with noodles in it, and tried to feed my dad. My dad refused and i started tearing up. I felt danielle put her hand on my back. Just then, my dad spoke to me.

"Mikaela, you are a grown girl now. Thank you, all of you, for trying to take care of me. But im never getting better. Mikaela....... im dying" said my dad weakly. Right when i heard the word dying, i screamed.

"No! Dad i cant lose you, not now, not ever. Dad i need you to stay here with me. You have to get better. Please dad, please" I started to cry. My dad put his hand on my face and said,

"I love you"

The next day, danielle drove me to school. School ends in 2 days and then its summer vacation. My aunt keana stayed with my dad. At school, i couldnt think right. I kept thinking of my dad, i didnt want anything to happen that day. I was reading a book and it kept my mind off for a while. Just then, my teacher got a call saying my dad is starting...... to die. I was scared. I denied it but i was too worried to do anything. I grabbed all my things and started to run to my house which was 5 blocks far. I didnt care, i had to see my dad. Right when i got inside, my dad was peacefully asleep. Forever.

"Im so sorry mikaela" my aunt keana said. I cried and cried and then cried even harder. 

"No, no, no, no it cant! Dad please wake up, i need you!!!....... i love you." I said, with tears streaming down my face.

Thats it. My dad was gone and i was devastated. 2 months gone by, and we recently had his funeral. I couldn't keep myself from not crying, its too hard. But my guardian is my aunt keana and she told me shes moving to the united kingdom tomorrow.. Great. My friend danielle said she could come with me for the summer. I am so greatful to have her in my life. The next day, my aunt keana, danielle, and i were at the airport ready to leave. And we were off.

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