Heart Attack

Just like any other girl, Mikaela moved to Homes Chapel with her aunt after something terrible happened. When she becomes neighbors with Harry Styles, Harry starts to fall for her and will she just call him her soul mate?


4. The Bench

          Mikaela's P.O.V.

The next day, my aunt keana went to visit her sisters and other family members like a family reunion and Danielle went job searching. I decided to stay home because i didnt feel like going anywhere on the second day of moving here. So i made myself some lunch and after, i went outside and saw a bench. I walked towards it and sat on it. I started thinking of my parents and brother. Oh how i missed them so much, i started tearing up. The next thing i knew, i was laying down on the bench and half asleep.


           Harry's P.O.V.

Today was pretty boring. So i went outside and get the mail before i forget. When i was out there, i saw Mikaela. I walked towards her and stared at her. She sleeps like a little angel all cuddled up. She looked like she was crying. So i decided to wake her up.

"Mikaela!" Harry screamed and then Mikaela woke up and fell on the ground.

"Well that hurt." Mikaela said with a little chuckle. Harry lend his hand out offering to help her up and she took it.

"Heh, sorry about that," said harry, "are you okay?" Mikaela nodded while trying to wipe her dried tears.

"Something seems wrong, c'mom im good listener" said harry with a shove and smile.

"Okay, okay" said Mikaela and she explained to harry what has happened and why she moved to the UK. She started tearing up and tried not to showed it.

"Oh, im so sorry" said Harry. And then he wiped the tears off her face. They looked straight into each other's eyes and just smiled at each other. 

"Well hey, would you like to come over my house? I'd make you some hot cocoa" said Harry and Mikaela nodded. Harry offered her to sit on the couch while he would make some hot cocoa. Mikaela turned on the tv and the Simpsons was on. Mikaela was chuckling at the tv and Harry was coming over with some hot cocoa.

"Comfortable?" asked harry, handing over her hot cocoa. 

"Yes, thank you" said Mikaela with grin. 

"Look Mikaela, could I take you to the movies sometime?" asked harry, hoping for a yes. Mikaela nodded, "Sure! Tomorrow?" 

"Sounds great," Harry said with a happy tone. Then Mikaela laid her head down on Harry's shoulder. Harry looked at her and she looked back, and they both smiled. They stayed in that position for about an hour. Then Mikaela fell asleep so Harry put his arm her and stayed in that position for another hour. 

         Mikaela's P.O.V. 

I woke up on a couch with a blanket on top of me and i felt comfy. I got out of the couch looking for Harry and he was in the kitchen so I started walking towards him. He smiled at me while he was making dinner, I was guessing.

"Thank you, Harry, for the hot cocoa and letting me sleep on your couch," I said with a chuckle and he chuckled back.

"No problem." said Harry with a grin.

"I should get going. Anyways, movies tomorrow?" I asked Harry for reminders.

"Yes, and would you like me to walk you over?" asked Harry and I told him he didnt need to but he insisted anyways.

"What movie would you like to watch?" asked Harry. 

"Uh, surprise me," said Mikaela smiling. They walked slowly to her house and when they reached her front door, she hugged Harry and Harry slowly smiled. They said their byes and left.

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