Heart Attack

Just like any other girl, Mikaela moved to Homes Chapel with her aunt after something terrible happened. When she becomes neighbors with Harry Styles, Harry starts to fall for her and will she just call him her soul mate?


7. Picnic time

             Mikaela's P.O.V.

Ever since that night Harry and I cuddled on my bed after forgiving him, we've been a really happy couple. We've been together for a couple of weeks and things are going great. Nothing getting in between it. But although Harry had made me one of the happiest girls alive, the only reason I'd be here going out with Harry and loving him, was being of my dad. My dad's death. I miss my dad so much, I would never want to forget him. I know my dad would want me to be happy but, I wanted to make my dad proud. So, I went back to school and try to get a good career in about two-years time. Aunt Keana really supported me for that thought and would try to get me into a good college. Danielle, however, is saving up for college too. We plan to go to college together. And Harry, he'd keep me happy all the time and always be supportive for me. 

Today, I decided to stay home while Danielle went to her work at Starbucks and my aunt went to her work at some company. While I stayed home, I thought my dad most of the time. Then, I'd be on the computer looking at career jobs and eating some cinnamon rolls. Suddenly, I heard the sliding door in the back open. I, honestly, didn't care to look for who it was because the only person I knew who'd do that was Harry <3 

"Hey babe!" said Harry with a very positive voice while closing the sliding door.

"Want some cinnamon rolls?" I asked, volunteering some rolls. Harry walked over to the couch I was on, grabbed the plate of cinnamon rolls and put it back in the refrigerator. I, of course, took one before he took the plate. Right when I was going to bite the roll, Harry walked over to me, took the roll and bit it. I looked at him liked I was sad and put puppy face on. He looked at me, still eating the delicious cinnamon roll, and let me bite it. I, suddenly, looked back the my computer screen scrolling down a page with career information.

"What's up?" he said, with food still in his mouth.

"Looking at career backgrounds," I said, taking the cinnamon roll from him and eating the rest. He, then, took the laptop from me and closed it.

"Uh... no your not," he said, picking me up bridal style and walking up the stairs to my room. I gave him a confused look and he smiled at me.

"We are going on a picnic," he said quickly and sincerely. I was too lazy to go out today and said,"Sorry babe, I dont feel like going out,"

"No problemo, we'll just have a picnic in your backyard! Now, change your pajamas and wear something outdoors-like," he said, like he already had it planned out. "Oh, fine," I said tiredly. When we reached my room, I turned around to look at him and closed the door to change. I quickly went to my closet. I felt like there was nothing to wear but then, I felt like I was overreacting because it was just my backyard. So I grabbed a mickey mouse crewneck and some khakis shorts. I put my hair in a pony tail and grabbed some black vans. I ran out and went into the living room. When I was there, I saw no one. So I figured he was in the backyard and walked toward the door. I saw him through the glass door, by a beautiful huge tree with a picnic basket beside him, looking at the sky. I gave a sigh in relief and walked out.


           Harry's P..O.V.

Everything was going perfect. I felt like nothing could go wrong for this picnic. I guess planned the picnic at the right time, the sky is perfect and is about to set. Then, out of the house came Mikaela with a beautiful smile on her face. She walked towards the tree I was laying beneath and I didn't bother getting up. She laid down right next to me, with my arm around her. 

"Beautiful skies huh?" she said, trying to start the convo. 

"Of course. Like the beautiful sparks I see in your eyes," I said, smiling and trying to flirt.

"Oh jeez, you're so corny." She got up and crossed her legs, waiting for me to get up. When I got up, I leaned against the tree, while opening the picnic basket. First, I brought out cinnamon rolls. Mikaela started to chuckle a bit, grabbed one and ate it. I smiled at her as our eyes led on together and she let me take a bite. The next thing I brought out was cut out watermelon pieces, and it was her favorite fruit. She gasped joyfully, and ate a piece. We both grabbed a piece and not as planned, we both fed each other the watermelon. After taking bites, we laughed out loud. And brought a great smile about her face. I knew it was time, so I took the picnic basket and before grabbing whatever was in there, 

I said, "Mikaela, I want you to know that I.......... I love you. And today, I didn't want to bring your favorite dessert and fruit, but I hope you find this special," I quickly grabbed a little rectangular, fancy box out of the picnic. She was so surprised and a smile grew larger on her face. "I want you to have this Mikaela, to remember this day," I said, giving the present to her.

"Harry, you really didn't have too. I mean, I feel bad I don't have anything fo-" She said trying to apologize.

"Its alright. As long as I have you, I'm fine," I said calmly with a smile, "Now open it for me, babe." She opened the box, and there stood a necklace with fine diamond around two rings attached to each other. She looked at it more closely, one of the rings had a engraved Mikaela and the other was Harry.

"Oh my goodness, I-i love it. I mean, it's so gorgeous. Why circles babe?" said Mikaela, still admiring the necklace. "Because," I said while scooting in more to her, and we looked straight into each other's eyes, I smiled and continued, "Hearts break and move on, but circles go on forever." 

She gave me great hug with a lot of force, but it felt great. Then, she looked at me. We smiled at each other happily, and gave a passionate 3 sec. kiss. I took the necklace from her and put it around her necklace. She glanced at it and looked back at me, with elegant eyes. I kissed her forehead and we cuddled under the big tree, with her on my chest and my arm around her waist.

Watching the sunset. This day went perfect and couldn't get any better.

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