Heart Attack

Just like any other girl, Mikaela moved to Homes Chapel with her aunt after something terrible happened. When she becomes neighbors with Harry Styles, Harry starts to fall for her and will she just call him her soul mate?


3. Meeting eachother.

          Harry's P.O.V.

Today looks like we're having good weather. I made breakfast for my mom and i. Our band is having a break this summer and im having a good time alone with my mom at my hometown, Homes Chapel. My mom walked downstairs and smiled at me.

"Good morning sweetie" said mum.

"Good morning mum" i said with a smile. "I made you coffee and pancakes"

"Aw thanks sweetie" mum smiled at me. My mom drank her coffee and then asked my to get the mail. So i went outside and at the multiple mailbox area, i saw a girl having trouble opening her mailbox.

"Stupid mailbox" said the girl. I laughed a little and walked towards the mailboxes.

"Need help?" i said to her.

"Huh? oh i wasnt really asking to-" said the girl but then i took her key and opened the mailbox for her.

"There you go!" i said with a smile

"Oh thanks, ive been trying to open it for the last 10 minutes" she said with a little giggle.

"I haven't seen you ever before in the neighborhood, just moved in?" i asked.

"Oh yes! I came from the usa." said the girl.

"Awesome, hey i hadn't catch your na-" i said while opening our mailbox but then i noticed she was already gone. I went back inside and put the mail on the dining table.

"Met a new friend?" said my mom.

"Yeah, shes pretty cute" i said without even thinking. I was so embarrassed.

"Aw, harry's got a crush. You know im good at match making" my mom said with a wink.

"Mom, please dont. Can you just be a normal mom?" i begged her.

"I cannot promise that" said my mom weirdly. She went off to buy groceries so i decided to go swimming. I went to my room and put on swimming trunks and went to my backyard. I jumped into the pool and when i dived back up, i heard two girls talking.

"What are you doing outside mikaela?" said one girl

"just asking a few fresh air, trying to get used to the new view" said a familiar voice harry's heard before and thought it was the same girl at the mailboxes.

"Hahah, okay well c'mom help me and your aunt finish unpacking." said the girl. Just then, i heard my mom back from the grocery store. She screamed at me to get the groceries at the truck. So i wiped myself with my towel and went to the frontyard.


         Mikaela's P.O.V.

I helped my aunt and best friend finish taking the things out from the truck. Right when i was going to take out a luggage, i heard a can drop nextdoor. I saw the same guy who helped me with the mail awhile, but now just wearing swimming trunks. I went over there to help him. I grabbed the can and another bag of food to help him out.

"Oh hey, you really didn't have to" said the guy.

"Well you helped me out earlier, figured i'd do the same" i said with a smile and he smiled back. I dropped a can and right when i was going to pick it up, he caught the can. 

"Um, im harry." said the guy with his hand open waiting for a shake

"Im mikaela" i said back, smiling and shaking hands with harry. But he didnt let go of my hand and looked straight into my eyes. I was frozen, entirely. Just then i heard probably him mom screaming, then me and harry both dropped our bags of groceries.

"Harry did you get the gro- oh im sorry to interupt." she said leaving. We both laughed and starting picking up the food. And suddenly, we tried grabbing the same can. I quickly let go and he showed me the way inside.

"Sorry about my mom and all" said harry like he's embarrass. I laughed.

"Its no big deal.......i showed get going" i said, wanting to leave.

"Oh sure, sorry" and led me outside the house and said our goodbyes.

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