Heart Attack

Just like any other girl, Mikaela moved to Homes Chapel with her aunt after something terrible happened. When she becomes neighbors with Harry Styles, Harry starts to fall for her and will she just call him her soul mate?


1. Getting to know me

            Mikaela's P.O.V.

My name is Mikaela, I work hard in school to do my best to make my dad proud. My dad is the only person left I ever loved that never lefted me. My mom and brother died in a fatal car accident. I still haven't gotten over that, but my dad's gotten really sad and alone more than I feel. I try my best to make my dad proud. One early morning, i woke up, simply, before my dad did and made breakfast. I made me a big bowl of cereal and scrambled eggs for my dad. After putting breakfast on the table, my dad came to the kitchen and smiled at me.

"Good morning, love" said my dad with a tired voice.

"Good morning dad, i made breakfast" I said back at him. We ate breakfast and after that, i went to my room and got changed because i was meeting up with my friend, Danielle, later at the mall. Before leaving my house, i called my aunt to come and watch over my dad before i leave incase any accidents happen. I stayed until my aunt came. I gave my dad and aunt a hug before i left. 

I took the bus to the mall because i didnt have a car and i dont want to ask my dad for a car because im happy with everything i have and i didnt want to take advantage of my dad's money. I would just wait until i had enough money to buy myself my own car. Anyways, i was finally at the mall and saw my friend Danielle.


"Hey!" said Danielle.

"Hello, where should we go first?" i said back.

"Food court? said danielle. I nodded and we headed for the food court. I ordered the food while danielle went to find a table. After getting our food, i walked to the table and we starting to eat.

"So anything new?" said danielle with food in her mouth. I laughed a little, took a sip of my soda and said

"Well one little problem. My dad's been sad ever since the accident of um.. you know.." Danielle was still listening while eating.

"But i overheard his doctor, on phone, saying he had depression." I said worriedly.

"Jeez, thats hard. But if anything happens, ill be there to do anything ok?" Danielle said trying to cheer my up and that did cheer me up a bit. We finished eating our food and went our the mall shopping. Suddenly, i got a call from my aunt. I started to get worried once i answered it. 

"Hello? Aunt keana?" i said.

"Mikaela, you have to come home. Its urgent" my aunt said in a rush. I was really worried, i asked danielle to drive me home and agreed to. When we got to my home, she offered to also come with me inside. I went inside my house and in my dad's room, i saw my aunt and a doctor while my dad was laying in his bed looking sick more than he has before. 

"What happened?" I cried.

"Well your dad has recently drunk beer and due to that, it has appeared to effect your dad's body. His temperature is really high and he's been sleeping more than he should today." said his doctor.

"Dont worry mikaela, everything will be okay" said aunt keana.

"For now," said the doctor quickly. I asked the doctor what he meant and said "if his temperature stays this way, he will get an attack because the his body is trying to fight off the acids of the beer." 

"Is it fatal?" asked my aunt keana

"I wish i could say no" said the doctor. I gasped and felt like crying.

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