It all happened backstage

"We can't do this anymore. Justin is going to find out."

Samantha Bells and Niall Horan meet backstage of
Justin Beibers concert. When Niall and Samantha meet
they instantly In love with each other, but there is just one
Problem. No, maybe two problems that keep them apart. Maybe there
Are three problems. What are they? you'll have to read to find

Please enjoy;) even if you don't like it please let me know.


2. new people

 Sams P.O.V

"Really? You took me to your concert?" I said madly.

"Yeah. You've never seen me preform. Remember when we were younger and you said that i suck at singing? Well look at me now!"

I just laughed. 'Come at me bro!'Justin started laughing and then he got a call. "Yes we are here. I cant wait to see you guys; its been so long..................... yes. Yes. Do you want to meet my cousin? Yeah i brought her here with me...... okay cool. See you guys later."

"What was that? And im not meeting anyone that you want me to." i said slamming his car door.

"Please please please?' he begged.

Finally i gve in and said yes. As we were going into the area i noticed that most girls were singing some song. I know for sur thats not Justins song because i've heard all of his songs. 

Do you remember Summer '09? I wanna go back there every night just can't lie was the best time of my l-l-life. I use to think that i was better alone. why did i ever wanna let you go?............ I WANT YOU TO ROCK ME. ROCK ME. ROCK ME, YEAH.

What were they singing. Whatever. When we snuck in the back way, we snuck into Justins dressing room. As soon as we walked in some dude came up to Justin and screamed into his face, "WHERE ARE THE CARRTOS? I'M SUPPERMAN!'

"Louis ! I haven't seen you for a long time.'

'Justin! I haven't seen you in ages!" a curly, blondie, quiff, and shaved headed guy said. I'm not going to lie, these boys are very HOTT!

'Who is that hottie with you? Is she your girlfriend?" curly and blondie asked at the same time.

Me and Justin look at each other for awhile and start busting out laughing. "I wo-would n-ne-never ~LAUGHS~ date my cousin/bestie." Justin said. I started laughing so hard.

Blondie and curly blush a crimson red. Haha this is funny!

"Okay then. That was we- hey! I know who you are." i say all bubbly. They all smile. Your on my boyfriends little sisters wall. You're that band. Ummm... 5 Direction? 4 Direction? Something like that." I smile. I knew who they were, well kinda. I just wanted to play around with them.


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