Love At First Sight (Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

Kim Malabanan lives in London,England. One Direction is going on tour to London. When Kim goes to their concert will any love come on? Read to find out!


2. Continuation of chap 1

The boys greeted us but instead of shaking my hand Zayn,Harry,and Louis kissed it. The 3 boys did the same to Mekala. After telling them our names and chatting Louis suggested to play truth or dare. It was Niall's turn he asked me truth or dare I said dare he dared me to kiss Zayn on the lips for 5 mins.Our kiss stopped Zayn's lips were so soft I wish that kiss would never end. Next was my turn I asked Mekala truth or dare she said dare I dared her to kiss Louis for as long as she wants cause she likes Louis.

Mekala's POV:

Kim dared me to kiss Louis! I did it his lips are so soft! I wish the kiss would never end. Then it was midnight. Me and Kim didnt have a ride home! So we had to stay the night with One Direction!The boys got to choose who sleeps with who. Louis picked me and Zayn picked Kim!We both went to our rooms which were actually next to each other with the rest of the boys. After changing into some of Louis' clothes that he gave me to borrow i went into a deep sleep.

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