Love At First Sight (Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

Kim Malabanan lives in London,England. One Direction is going on tour to London. When Kim goes to their concert will any love come on? Read to find out!


3. (Chapter 2) The Next Day

*the next day*

Kim POV:

I woke up at 1pm!I quickly ran downstairs and everyone plus Mekala were eating breakfast. "hi sleepyhead" Mekala said."Hi" I said."where's Zayn" I asked."he said something about getting you and Mekala's clothes" Liam said."OK" I said."Now get some chocolate chip pancakes" Mekala said "oh fine" I said. After eating Zayn came back with 8 bags. Wow! That  told me that he was really strong! "OK 4 bags for Kim and 4 bags for Mekala" Zayn said."OK" I said and tried to take my bags but Zayn said "I'll take that love" I looked down and  blushed.



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