Love At First Sight (Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

Kim Malabanan lives in London,England. One Direction is going on tour to London. When Kim goes to their concert will any love come on? Read to find out!


1. Getting Ready for the Concert

Kim's POV:

It was the day of the concert,I was taking my BFF Mekala with me and we got backstage passes by winning a radio contest.I woke up at 8am for the concert.I got up and took a nice hot shower.After my shower I did my hair. I did a perfect french braid.Then I picked out my clothes.I picked a torquoise dress, black leggings, and blue heels.It was now 9am and I heard the doorbell ring. It was my BFF Mekala. She was wearing a red dress, black leggings just like mine, and red heels.We ate breakfast while watching the telly.I was eating chocolate chip pancakes and Mekala was eating blueberry pancakes. We were eating 2 each. After eating we watched some telly. It was now 5pm and we were off to the concert. I locked the door behind me and went into the drivers seat of my Mercedes Benz. It took about an hour to get there. We gave the people our tickets and showed them our backstage passes. We got into our front row seats and waited for the concert to start. First they greeted "Hello" and then they performed WMYB . After watching them perform One Thing,Stand Up,Na Na Na,and many more the guards led me and Mekala backstage.

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