You're the One

The moment Jessie meets One direction, she knows er life is about to get switched around COMPLETELY, But she didn't know it'd get so out of control! Jessie finds herself falling for a guy, and in return, not just one but THREE! like her back! who is her special boy? and which boys like her? read to find out.


2. Chapter two:

  Harrys POV: ----------

Where the hell am i! i told myself
simon had told me specifically to meet him at 'Angie's Photographs' But where i dont know where that is!

agh i better start running, maybe ill run into someone that can help me. i said to myself

i was running when i literally ran into someone.. coincidence? 

"OW! watch where your going!" said the person i ran into

"im so sorry! i wasn't looking where i was going!" i replied, i looked at the person and dammnnnn was she hott

"obviously!" she growled

fiesty i thought, i like it

i look to her side and saw her bag, it was open and everything scattered out.

"UGH!!! seriously dude?!" she looked up at me and paused for a moment..wonder why.

"im so sorry love, i didn't mean to" i replied

"just help me up, these heels are killing me"

obviously.heels ARE hell. don't ask me how i know...

i helped her get her things and helped her get up

"again i am so sorry" i said

"yea yea, now i must go im late for work!" she said walking away

"WAIT!" i said
...i might as well as her if she knew where the stupid store was..

she then turned around

"yes?" she said leaning on one hip, giving me a sexxy annoyed look.

god. i needed her number

i grinned,"do you know where Angie's Photographs is?" i asked

"um..that's actually where im heading" she replied


"OI! thats great!, can you show me the way?" i asked

"yea come on" she said walking away

"wait up!"

"WALK FASTER!" she replied

i catched up AFTER checking out her butt

"so what's your name?" i decided to ask her

"my name?" she replied


"its, uh..nancy..nancy golden"

"nancy?" i said

"yes, and yours?"

"harry, harry styles" i said with a wink, "but you knew that"

"i actually didn't" she replied

"so your saying you dont know who i am!" i replied "shocked"

"should i?" she asked

i gave her the "im insulted" look

she gave me a grin and almost tripped in the process.

"watch it love, you dont want to mess up that pretty face of yours" i told her

"oh shut it styles"

woah.she called me STYLES!

i grinned widely

"why are you grinning like that?" she asked

"you called me styles, only people that really really know me call me tht"


"dont be" at allll

i guess we where almost at the store, so she then stopped walking

"why'd you stop?" i asked

"can i ask you something?" she asked

"erm...yea sure?"

i started getting nervous

"why's your hair so curly?"

she grinned.

haha funnyyy

she started walking again, and i did too after

"THAT is an excellent question" i said with a grin

"oh i know" she chuckled, she opened the door to the store and let me in

"so? no reply?" she asked

"to be honest?" i said with a serious face, "girls dig it" i said with a wink



i looked to my left and saw a little girl freaking out.great.
i have my fake smile.

i just looked at nancy with a grin and walked up to the girl, "hi love?!"


"sure thing love"

and then i heard "HARRY STYLES!" and


after talking pics and giving autographs to like 500 people.

i walked back up to Nancy and asked, " really don't know who i am?"

"like i said..should i?" she asked

"i guess..i dont know" i said with a shrug

i really thought she was kidding.guess not.

with that she went to the back of the store and left me in the front..i wanted to follow her but i didnt want to be a creep.

but damn was she hott..i looked over and saw her greeting simon

i WAS going to go up to them but it seems personal so i backed off..instead i waited

"can i help you?" asked a worker..
she had a big chest, blonde hair, and was twirling it..

ugh.dumb blonde.NO THANKS

"um no thank you love, im waiting for simon, i know he'll be out shortly?

"um ok, just call me if u need anything" she said with a wink and left

as she left i saw that she left a note with her number on it and her gum stuck on it.

i chuckled..girls..what they do for guys.
but hey! she digged me, so she'd be good for a little shag!

i turned around and saw simon coming out of the office, then i saw nancy with big smile..i then felt guilty for wanting a shag outta that girl..but why!

i never turned it down.maybe i liked this girl more than i thought...

"hi harry" said simon

"hi uncle si! so where we headed?"

"were headed to lunch with the rest of the boys"

before i left i tried Nancy's attention..and i did. i waved by and left..i didn't look i didn't know what she did. 

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