You're the One

The moment Jessie meets One direction, she knows er life is about to get switched around COMPLETELY, But she didn't know it'd get so out of control! Jessie finds herself falling for a guy, and in return, not just one but THREE! like her back! who is her special boy? and which boys like her? read to find out.


20. Chapter twenty:

Liam Pov:

i woke up slowly, there was not a sound around so i figured everyone was still asleep.

i got up and went to my drawer, i pulled out a white tee and a black and white plaid shirt.

i then got my gray jeans, while i put them on i start thinking about jessie.

god damn jessie.

the only girl to find a way to make me cry, to make me feel like sh*t.'

bloody hell this girl..

where did she go last night though? did she go home?

i finally zippered up my pants and walked out the door, forgetting my shoes.

as i walked down the hall i zoomed by harry and zayns room, once i reached nialls i rememberd..

MY SHOES! i quickly jogged back to get them, when i walked out i slowly saw a figure coming out of harrys room

i thought, "nows the time to chat with him"

so i went up to the figure all "manlike"..i wanted to show i meant business.

but as i approached i found the figure to be skinny and small

i reached full on to his door and just stared.

"hi liam" she said yawning

i just stared at her and at harry's door

she had come OUT of his room.

" alright li-li?" she said rubbing her head sounding tired

i just stared.

"you know what" she said patting my shoulder and walking away, "im gonna eat your kitchen!" she said raising her left arm up, pointing her finger.



i barged through the door, angry as hell


he was silently sleeping on his bed

he moaned a bit 


"yes?" he replied kind of pissed off and kind of asleep

"why in hell would you sleep with jessie? WHY WOULD YOU DARE!" i yelled at him, i was filled with RAGE.

"what in bloody hell is going on here?" said zayn yawning

"this fucking cunt slept with jessie." i snarled

"WHAT THE HELL LIAM!" shouted harry getting straight of his bed,full awake now "cant you even here me out?'

"why are you so mad liam?" asked zayn

i snarled at zayn and turned face to face with harry

i whispered, "you stay the hell away from her"

"or.what"harry whispered back

and my fist collided with his face.

"LIAM!" shouted zayn

"your going to fucking regret that liam" and harry threw a punch, landed straight into my gut

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME! BREAK IT UP!!" yelled jessie barging in

i didnt even notice she had come in

but i kept on throwing the punches, as so did harry

zayn was pissed off but knew that if he dared touch me id punch him too

he left to get backup

jessie stayed looking angry as hell


"you fucking stay away harry styles" i said and threw another punch

"OR WHAT!" harry yelled and tackled me to the floor

me and harry tumbled over the floor

and i landed on top of harry

jessie then ran over and grabbed me by the back

trying to pull me off, but i managed to tug her off without hurting her

i pinned harry down and snarled, "stay.away"

"no" he said

and i punched his face, he kept on struggling but could'nt fight back

zayn, louis and niall then barged in

louis and nialls eyes widening

louis and niall pushed me off harry and grabbed me

zayn helped and held harry

harry wasn't such a big threat like me

i hated feeling holded down so i struggled in louis and nialls arms

i tried throwing a punch at one of them but missed, i then looked at harry and grew pissed again.

i tried to budge out of their arms and hit harry

jessie must've noticed because she went in between of my and harry

and i punched her straight in the jaw.

she whimpered and fell to the floor

louis and niall let me go, harry fell to his knees and grabbed jessie

zayn just looked at me stunned.

"oh my god. oh my god jessie" i said

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!" yelled harry at me

he was grabbing her arms as she sat on her on her knees

"SHES FUCKING BLEEDING" shouted louis who was now on his knees too

i then ran to her and got on my knees trying to get a hold of her

but when i touched her she flinched away, "" she snarled

i looked at her and her lip was bleeding, she had tears in her eyes and she looked so hurt.

but it didn't hide the fact that she was still mad.

god damn.what have i done.

my eyes began to water but she was still mad as hell

she got up gave me one look and walked out of the room

as so did the rest of the boys

Niall was the last to go

he looked at me and nodded his head in disappointment.

he then stomped away

i stayed in Harry's room

on my knees

crying away.

what the hell have i done.

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