You're the One

The moment Jessie meets One direction, she knows er life is about to get switched around COMPLETELY, But she didn't know it'd get so out of control! Jessie finds herself falling for a guy, and in return, not just one but THREE! like her back! who is her special boy? and which boys like her? read to find out.


13. Chapter thirteen:


Liams POV:


i ran and ran trying to find her, it was raining outside and i forgot a coat


i was frustrated i just couldn't find her!!!


i was headed back home when i heard a whimper, it came from the alley way. i didnt want to bother the perosn but it tugged at my heartstrings so i walked towards the alley. When i got there i saw the last person i expected


Jessie POV:


after i ran out on the boys i ran and ran, but somwhere in the rain, i just broke down. 


i walked to a lonely alley way and cried. cried and cried.


Liams POV:


"Jess?" i asked


what is she doin here in this freaking alley!


i looked at her and i felt so bad. she was crying and crying and i didnt know why.


Jessies POV:

"liam" i said getting up quickly and wiping my eyes


"what are you doing here?" he asked, "i thought u went home. i came looking but gave up. i coudlnt find u"


"well u did"


"yea i did" he said



he looked at the floor and then spoke

"jess plz come back, im sorry. its just..ik its stupid to "bid".. i know and that will change just please come back"


i didnt know what to say or what to do.


but i eventually spoke before i cud think




Liams POV"


"ok" she muttered


i sighed of relief, thank god!


i reached my hand over and she took it


we then walked to the house hand in hand


i didnt know what this was. the way we held hands.


but i wasnt going to let go. she made me smile like never before


and i was happy


Jessies POV:


i honestly dont know why i held his hand


but while i did. all i thought was of harry.

why? idk.


but the thought of him liking me was just..hard..ery hard to explain. ineeded time


but not right now.


liam confessed before tht he liked me too and i wasnt going to hurt him


not right now when he chased me.

but boy..


i really needed time to think


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