You're the One

The moment Jessie meets One direction, she knows er life is about to get switched around COMPLETELY, But she didn't know it'd get so out of control! Jessie finds herself falling for a guy, and in return, not just one but THREE! like her back! who is her special boy? and which boys like her? read to find out.


16. chapter sixteen:

Liams POV:

"why did she run out?" louis asked

"IDK!" i responded

"you should go check on her" said zayn

"iwill!" said niall beginning to walk

"no i will" i said and niall sat back down

i walked over to the bathroom and the door was open

i peered in a found the last thing i ever expected.

harry and jessie hugging like they hadnt seen eachother in 500 yrs.

jessie crying in his arms and harry cuddling her, eventually kissing her head.

"im sorry" she told him
"why?" he asked

"idk. i just am" she responded and cried some more.

they hadnt even recognized i was there.

*sigh* i then walked away and locked mysefl in my room.

i dont know why i ever thought she would like me. i thought.

my relationships never work. or the girl never likes me.

god damn it im useless i thought.

and out of nowhere. i began to cry.

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