You're the One

The moment Jessie meets One direction, she knows er life is about to get switched around COMPLETELY, But she didn't know it'd get so out of control! Jessie finds herself falling for a guy, and in return, not just one but THREE! like her back! who is her special boy? and which boys like her? read to find out.


1. Chapter one:


He grabbed me by the hair. Pushed me to the floor. the more i wept the more he hurt me. i tried to contain my cries, so he would stop but i couldnt. the pain was umbearable.  He finally had enough of my whimpers and decided to rape me. this was the worst thing he could do to me.

i tried to protest but instead i just lay there as he raped ex boyfriend. he used me..he thought i was HIS and no one else's. i couldn't struggle anymore he was too strong and if i did anymore he had a knife on the any moment he could kill me. but thats when i realized i didn't really give a damn....i kicked him in the balls and ran out the door..
i turned around to see him grabbing the knife and throwing it..and it hit me right in the back


"Jess, jessie..jess! WAKE UP" i heard muffled noises
"jessie, wake up! it was only a dream, relax"

i sprang up, i had tears in my eyes and my heart was pumping, "w..what?"

"honey, where you dreaming about Andrew again?"

" was..the dream..where..he"

"you dont need to explain anything Jess i understand"

"your the greatest friend you know that?"

"yea i do" she grinned and left

i got off my bed and looked at the time, shit it was 9:00 am. work started in 30 minutes..but i didn't really care, i needed to relax for a moment..the dream was overwhelming.

somewhere in the process relaxing i fell asleep and when i woke up again it was 9:45 am.


there was no sound..she probably left already.

i got up quickly and looked around the apartment that i shared with drew..i was jumping around dressing myself while grabbing my keys, making myself coffee and grabbing my bag.

I ran out the door, scrambled to car, put the key into the ignition and drove as fast as lighting to work.  


I was almost at work..i was heading to Angie's Photographs...i was a professional Photographer :). 

so i decided to park the car at the nearby park and walk to work, it was like a 10 minutes walk so i'd survive.

i looked at my watch, it was 9:55. GOD I WAS REALLY LATE!

so i started running,i ran past kids, past adults and they all gave me looks like i had 50 heads. but i didnt care i was almost there, i just needed to turn the corner
when i hit SMACK into someone.

i fell straight down to the floor.

"OW! watch where your going!" i said not looking up

"im so sorry! i wasn't looking where i was going!" said a voice

particularly masculine..and british..cute.

"obviously!" i growled

i look to the side and saw my bag, it was open and everything scattered out.

"UGH!!! seriously dude?!" i looked up and saw a glimpse of beautiful green...eyes

"im so sorry love, i didn't mean to"

"just help me up, these heels are killing me" i said annoyed

he helped me get my things and helped me get up

"again i am so sorry"

"yea yea, now i must go im late for work!" i said walking away


i turned around quickly

"yes?" i said leaning on one hip, giving him an annoyed look.

he grinned,"do you know where Angie's Photographs is?" he said with his sexy british voice.

-sexy? really jess?- i said to myself

"um..that's actually where im heading" i said confused

"OI! thats great!, can you show me the way?" he said with a big grin, showing off his dimples.

"yea come on" i said walking away quickly

"wait up!" he called after me

i smiled a bit to myself and yelled, "WALK FASTER!"

he then catched up after a few minutes

"so what's your name?" he asked me once he was next to me

i walked fast and this boy seem'd to keep up with me.



I then realized he asked me my name . I didn't know him! should i give him my name? what if he was a stalker!?

"my name?"

"haha..yea" he said giving me a "duh" look.

"its, uh..nancy..nancy golden" i said nervously

was i bad lier..idk. i hoped not.

"nancy?" he said with a british tang

"yes, and yours?"

"harry, harry styles" he said with a wink, "but you knew that"

ugh. i was NOT gna let him flirt with me EVEN if he was cute.

"i actually didn't"

"so your saying you dont know who i am!" he said looking shocked

"should i?" 

he looked insulted.

i gave him a grin and almost tripped in the process cause i wasnt looking where i was going

"watch it love, you dont want to mess up that pretty face of yours"

"oh shut it styles"

he grinned widely

"why are you grinning like that?"

"you called me styles, only people that really really know me call me tht"


"dont be" 

we where almost at the store, a few steps away,  so i stopped walking

"why'd you stop?"

"can i ask you something?" i said turning to him

"erm...yea sure?"

"why's your hair so curly?"

i grinned, he chuckled

i started walking again, and he did too after

"THAT is an excellent question" he said with a grin

"oh i know" i chuckled.

we finally reached the door

we stopped and the first thing harry did was look up at the sign above the door

i opened the door to the store and let him in

"so? no reply?" i asked curious

"to be honest?" he said with a serious face, "girls dig it" he said with a wink



i looked to my left and surely there was a girl fangirling over styles..i was confused

harry just looked at me with a grin and walked up to the girl, "hi love?!"


"sure thing love"

..he said love was probs a british thing..

and then i heard "HARRY STYLES!" said another girl

"MOM LOOK! MOM!" said another
and another..and another and another..

after talking pics and giving autographs to like 30 people

he walked back up to me and asked, "you really don't know who i am?"

"like i said..should i?" i said confused

"i guess..i dont know" he said with a shrug

with that i gave him a , "im sorry but i have to go" look and i went to the back of the store.

i went to my office and was greeted by my boss and a simon cowell. i was astounded.

"hi mrs.burrow" i said to my boss, smiling

"hi honey, id like you to meet si-" she said, but i cut her off with,   "Simon Cowell? yea i know"   with a big smile.

simon then got up from his chair.

"hi" he said with a forced smile   oi..he really was very serious!

"erm..hi!" i replied back nervously

"so Mr.Cowell here needs to have a photo shoot for his band, his band need to be promoted more, and he came here asking for help and i told him YOU were our best photographer, i showed him some of your best work and its been decided, you have the job! if you want it" said mrs. burrow

i was so shocked and so happy!

"yes! yes i want it! yes!" i said exicitedly

simon chuckled, 'alright then, give me a call" he said giving me his card, "we'll decide on a day for the shoot"


" me simon" he said with a REAL smile

"okay!" i said with a blush

as he left i heard him talk to someone, i looked and he was talking to harry!

"that's one of the boys in the band" said mrs.burrow rushing to my side and pointing to harry

i was going to make a comment on how pointing at people was rude, but decided against it, instead i looked at ms.burrow questioningly


" don't recognize him!" she said shocked

"no..should i?"

"HONEY! hes in One Direction!" she said with a chuckle and left

one direction where have i heard tht?

i went to my laptop and looked one direction up and surely they popped up

they were THAT ONE DIRECTION? the one that Drew was obsessed with!

OI! i turned around just in time to see harry waving goodbye to me and leaving

i just watched him leave and went back to my computer. 

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