You're the One

The moment Jessie meets One direction, she knows er life is about to get switched around COMPLETELY, But she didn't know it'd get so out of control! Jessie finds herself falling for a guy, and in return, not just one but THREE! like her back! who is her special boy? and which boys like her? read to find out.


19. Chapter nineteen:

SO! whatd you think? did you prefer the sex scene or this cute, warm scene? comment! oh and what about liam! what will liam say when he finds out harry and jessie are practically together!:O, do you think she'll stay with harry or do you think she'll leave for liam. or maybe a third guy fits in :O who knows!?

oh and can ya'll please help me think of cute couple names for jessie+harry or jessie+liam! i'd appreciate it! :D

Hope you like this chapter! <3 xoxo



Harry's POV:

The next morning i awoke to the warmth of someone next to me. i freaked out for a bit, but then relaxed when i saw it was only jessie.

oh jessie. the way she made my stomach churn, the way she made my eyes glisten when i saw her, the way she blushed whenever i said anything cute. goddamn this girl had me turned inside and out.

i turned to the right and got closer to her, i wrapped my hands tighter around her and i inhaled her peachy smell.

it was wierd to think i was smelling her, but i honestly didnt care.

i held her tight to me and she then moaned

"mmm" she groaned

i smiled, she turned to the left and was face to face with me

she put her hand up and it reached my face

her eyes were closed but her hand explored my face all over

i chuckled

i was a bit tired myself but i was having fun watching jessie

the curtains of my room where sprawled open and the sun just happen to fit on jessie refined beautiful face.

it just added a warmth and calmness to everything.

she then stopped exploring and opened hr eyes slowly, "harry?" she said slowly

"yea" i replied back with a smile

she looked at me with the cutest most tired eyes i had ever seen

"why am i in your bed?" she said giggling

i didnt know why she was giggling. but it was cute

"we slept together"

her eyes widened a bit, but she was still half asleep


she looked to adorable. she was so confused too.

"we just slept, nothing else. dont worry about it"

"oh..ok harry" she said slowly and closed her eyes again

and before i knew it she was sound asleep again

she had a peice of hair around her face and i reached over to put it behind her ears

when i did i touched her cheek

she was so soft.

her touch made my stomach churn, i wanted to grab her and never let her go.

i looked down own her and took in every inch of her, from the way her nose scrunched up once and a while, to the way her eyebrows wiggled slightly when she slept, to the way her lips were a natural peachy color, and the way they parted slightly. the way her eyelashes exploded over her eyes, even if she didnt wear makeup. she didnt need makeup she was gorgeous.

i took everything in her.

i then looked over to the night stand and stared at the clock. it was 8 am.

whatever..i could sleep again i thought

i looked down again and saw that she had turned the other way, her hair faced to me. i layed down and put my arm around her, i then again fit her to me like a puzzle peice, and slowly fell asleep to the aroma of peaches in her hair.

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