You're the One

The moment Jessie meets One direction, she knows er life is about to get switched around COMPLETELY, But she didn't know it'd get so out of control! Jessie finds herself falling for a guy, and in return, not just one but THREE! like her back! who is her special boy? and which boys like her? read to find out.


18. chapter eighteen:


harry then took my hand and brought me to his room. i tried to barge out of his hand

"harry..i.." i said

he came over to me and cupped my head in his arms, he kissed my nose and said, "love. i dont want that. i just want you. i just wanted to lay in bed"

i blushed

"o..ok" i said smiling

"your so cute" he said

i just smiled

he then started to take of his clothes

i didn't ask i just stared

he had the most beautiful sculped body. i was tranced

"see anything you like? he asked grinning

i blushed a deep red, "..y...yes." i admitted

he laughed

"can i borrow a shirt?" i asked

"sure babe" 

babe. i loved wen he called me that.

he handed me a shirt soflty and kissed my cheek, he then went and plopped on the bed, with only plaid pajama pants

"i hoep you know i usually sleep naked, but for you i have a an expception"

"really?" i asked

"yes..unless..u want me to sleep naked?" he said grinning, "i have no prob with it"

"uh no thanks" i replied laughing

i then took of my jeans nervously, not knowing what he wud say

thank god i wore my lace black underwear with matching bra today! ah!

i then lifted up my shirt and decided not to look at harry

i just changed, before i turned around though i had made sure of QUICKLY putting "my shirt" on.

so harry couldnt see the scar on my back, once i did i felt a cold-warmth on my hip.

it gave me goosebumps.

i looked up. harry was next to me

"your so damn beautiful jess" he whispered

harry then wrapped me around him and began to kiss my neck

then my jaw and he found his way to my soft spot right below my ear on the neck

i moaned and he smiled on my neck

we then walked and found our way to the bed, his lips then found mine and we began to kiss intensely

i was so into i didnt want to stop. but i felt insecure about myself and i wasnt sure i was ready. i was going to break free, but then harry backed out

i was kind of dissapointed but then i was relieved.

"can we wait?" harry asked looking at me with glisteing eyes

i got up and sat on the bed, harry sat right next to me

"oh harry" i said touching his hand, the warrmth of the bed cooled me, and the fact that only a lamp was on, it made everything feel calm and perfect., "thank you" i whispered

he laughed a bit, "i just. i really like you jessie, i really do. i dont..i dont want you to be like all the other girls. your special and i dont want to ruin anything.

"harry, to be honest with you i was about to pull away myself. im not so comfortable-I MEAN I REALLY LIKE YOU" i bluttered out quickly, harry chuckled, "but i just..not yet. atleast for me"

i said looking away shyly

"hey jessie. dont be embarrased, i can wait. i dont need..well you know"

"thank you harry" 

he gave me a warm smile and did his signature kiss.

a kiss on the nose

i scrunched up my nose and before he pulled away i quickly kissed his lip 

i grinned

he grinned back

he then crawled over to his side of the bed and layed down

he patted the area next to him, inviting me in

i then crawled over too, got into the blanket and layed down next to him

harry then wrapped his hands around me.

we then fell asleep like a puzzle piece but together perfectly


Authors note: HEY so before i had changed this, it was like way to dirty. and harry and jessie both just kind of met so i cant just barge into a sex scene. so i changed it up :)



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