You're the One

The moment Jessie meets One direction, she knows er life is about to get switched around COMPLETELY, But she didn't know it'd get so out of control! Jessie finds herself falling for a guy, and in return, not just one but THREE! like her back! who is her special boy? and which boys like her? read to find out.


8. Chapter Eight:

Harrys POV:

i was looking around to see if i could find Nancy, i was afraid she wasn't even going to come. but one look towards the entrance and i saw her..and god was she beautiful

i guess the boys saw me gawking.

"is that her mate?" asked zayn

"yea, thats nancy"

"wow." all the boys said in unision

"she is fine.beyond fine." said louis

"yep..but shes mine.all mine." said harry

they all sighed

"but why harry! shes so beautiful!" said niall

"i know she is, but i met her first"

i then signaled her to come to us

she did

"erm..hi harry" she said shyly

damn she was adorable

"hi nance, this is louis"

"hello beautiful" he said with a wink
she blushed

"this is niall"

"hello!" he said with a big smile

"this is zayn"

"hey" he said with a big smile

and this is liam

"nice to meet you" he said with a smile

"well im nancy if harry hasnt told you already" nancy said

"oh hes told us alright" said louis

i turned red. i was embarresed.

"um ok nance..lets go get..some punch"

"ok, bye guys!' she said

"oh this isnt goodbye love, trust me" said louis

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