my life saved

ari has been bullied bad and needs help. she goes to the teacher she trusts most. little does ari know she has made the wrong choice.


2. the special place

i went where my mom took me when things went wrong. When i got there i saw two boys standing there i was very scared. I thought i was the only one that knew about this place. i glanced over at them once more. They sort of looked like the boys on the picture of me playing with two little boys here. I tried to ignore them as i went over to sit on the bench that me and my mom had our names carved into. I cant help but look one more time i saw a name ingraved into the bench. NIALL. The name rang in my head. the problem is that the boy in the picture is brunette. I still must ask. I walked over and asked Are you Niall. Yes i am. well you see i think i knew you when we were little. "What makes you think that." "This." i said as i pulled out a picture of us. Niall looked straight into my eyes and made me start to feel special. We walked back to the small little area where there used to be a classroom. Niall shut the door and turned on the light. As he looked into my eyes he said i know somethings wrong. i looked down at my phone and said i had to go or else i will tell you. he walked me home. When we got to the door we hugged and then he left. I knocked on the door. Stacey opened the door. "where have you been girl?" she asked.

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